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Sanders Wants to Bring Back Deported Immigrants

LibertyNews: Bernie Sanders has released a plan to bring back deported illegal immigrants. Sanders’ plan would allow the deported to return to the United States immediately if they have relatives within the states.


Sanders’ plan is an attack from the far left on his fellow DNC candidates. Sanders’ goal will be to upset the moderate democrats within the field in order to appear as the “true liberal.”

Not only does Sanders plan to admit previously deported refugees, he also would like to put in place protection if not immunity for the 11 million illegally residing immigrants in the United States.  read more

10 Comments on Sanders Wants to Bring Back Deported Immigrants

  1. Well you can’t get much further on the left then that. What’s Hillary go to up the ante with, free air fare for them to come back?

    He’s been living his life under a cloud of commie bullshit stupid. It’s worse then a crying shame that 30% of the dems want this twatbreath as president, much less that Vermont hasn’t tired of his crap in all these years.

    I’d like to deport his wrinkly white ass to Cuba. Or N Korea.

  2. Watched an interview with a “democrat pollster” who said “after Bernie Sanders, Diogenes would not be able to find one honest politician”.

    Guess what kind of poll numbers that guy is generating as “widespread public sentiment”

  3. I have a plan to deport BS and all the socialists in America – and the socialists will pay for it.

    Might require some “temporary upheavals” in the socialists’ “safe spaces” but they’d get over it.

  4. OMG, anyone with a “Bernie 2016” bumper sticker is NOT a fellow American. We have two Americas now, people.

    They are the enemy and I mean that without hyperbole.

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