Sandra Fluke’s #WarOnDesign

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At least she didn’t use Comic Sans.


jon gabriel @exjon Doesn’t want to pay for contraceptives or a graphic designer. –> MT @SandraFluke Send a message:

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  1. Remember wen progs told us to shut up about obaqmacare because the SCOTUS upheld it and it is now the law of the land and we just have to learn to deal with it?

  2. “#NotMyBossBusiness”
    And that’s why he/she/they shouldn’t have to pay for it.

    @illustr8r, you’re right about the “design”. Oy!
    But it needs a rainbow gradient and maybe some dropped shadows on the typography.

  3. I wish someone would just send this vile squalling cat in heat a whole shipping container filled with birth control paraphernalia and have it dumped in her front yard for all the world to see and understand that she is perpetually in heat and in dire need of it!! Maybe THEN it would SHUT UP!

  4. It’s unmistakable that she misspelled, “unmistakeable.”
    So, she doesn’t want to pay for a graphic designer or an editor.

  5. Since when did this turd become the voice of the left.
    Where’s Rachel Maddow?

    Fluke works the hetero side of the issue, Madcow…

  6. Sounds like a WAR by design to me. What if we stopped acknowledging this stupid concocted, pointless, baseless line of bull shit. It’s just white noise to detract from the real problem. BO ROCK.

  7. Orange and blue? Really? I knew of a rival high school on Long Island with those colors. She must really mean business.

  8. This woman is stuck in a catatonic state without shame or conscience. You can see in her eyes. She got demons in her soup.

  9. Just noticed the word “overwhelming”. It is underwhelming. She must be trying to induce seizures with this dreck.

  10. Jeebus, how;s about we use this moment to send an overwhelming unmistakable message we’re sick and tired of hearing from this chick???

    And for those of us who have an affinity for fonts…my goodness, what a hodgepodge.

  11. That haphazard design ends up being reminiscent of the Union Pacific logo.

    She was probably born in a cattle car and had that design imprinted on her brain.

  12. Sandra, how about sending the message We’re sick and tired of having POTUS put illegal aliens ahead of U.S. citizens?

  13. Sandra Fluke (talking to her employer); “I need two hundred dollars a month extra. Effective immediately!”

    Employer: “Can I ask what this is for?”

    Sandra Fluke: “None of your goddamn business!!”

  14. Dear Sandra,
    At least we agree on one thing:

    So, pay for it your own damned self, sweetie!

  15. Again the question needs to asked; Why should I pay for your birth control? If some guy wants to have sex with you, have him buy is own condoms. Talk about hypocrasy; They insist they have a “right” to something but demand thay some one else should be forced to pay for it. Hey, liberals if you want some thing pay for it with your own money.

  16. When your too oft stated version of reality does not resonate with recalcitrant brainwashees, distill your point down to a nifty logo.

    No one can resist a nifty logo.

  17. pfffffffffft ….she is just auditioning for the Hilldabeest when Huma decides to go for real versus strap on equipment and runs off with Slick Willie Clampett….

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