Sandwiches cause ‘global warming’

Climate Depot: Do you take a packed lunch to work or buy a sandwich from the shop? The carbon footprint of your sandwich could be having a major impact on greenhouse gas emissions according to new research.

Researchers at The University of Manchester have carried out the first ever study looking at the carbon footprint of sandwiches, both home-made and pre-packaged. They considered the whole life cycle of sandwiches, including the production of ingredients, sandwiches and their packaging, as well as food waste discarded at home and elsewhere in the supply chain.

Altogether the team looked at 40 different sandwich types, recipes and combinations. They found the highest carbon footprints for the sandwiches with pork meat (bacon, ham or sausages) and those containing cheese or prawns.  read more

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  1. The collective slide into insanity continues apace.

    There was a time in my youth when I wondered how episodes in history like Hitlers final solution or other atrocities could have occurred.
    I no longer suffer from that naive frame of mind.

  2. The last paragraph says you can reduce your carbon footprint (as if I care) is to not use lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and meat! So, enjoy your bread sandwiches as you put illegal aliens out of work because there will be no more lettuce and tomatoes. I took my lunch to work to save money AND I didn’t have to leave to buy lunch (did I save gas that way?)
    AAARRRGGGHH–these people are nuts.

  3. Gee, I’m gonna miss my prawnwich…

    Or I’ll have to develop a taste for them just to piss off the ‘warmers.’

  4. Manchester…say, didn’t they get the shit bombed out of them recently? Maybe these dhimmi ninnies should skip lunch and calculate the carbon footprint of a bomb. Or at least the carbon footprint of a shwarma.

  5. Holy sheeet, I haven’t thought about shwarmas since my last deployment. Dammit, now I’m starving! Still, I bet the carbon footprint of a constantly rotating grill is enormous. Oh well, delicious.

  6. My research indicates that a major and entirely preventable cause of global warming is climate researchers at Manchester University. The useless activities, consumption of space that could be utilized for useful research and billions of liters of hot air that emanate from these researchers is equivalent to the amount of greenhouse gasses emitted by 10,000 third world semis driven by qat chewing Somalis around the equator 50 times a year.

    Not to mention that these reearchers tend to favor egg, cheese and bacon sandwiches at least twice a day.

  7. “I just made the Earth’s temperature climb .000000000008643753 degrees by scarfin’ down a Reuben.”

  8. Today is Hormel potted meat, cheez whiz and mayo on Sunbeam white with a side of pork skins and a Little Debbie honey bun.
    After I break for lunch….I’ll fart profusely in the general direction of Manchester.

  9. It’s cold up here in the north woods and I’m tired of starting my car to let it warm up. So I’m going to leave it run. My shoe size is only 9 but I’m pushing to see if I can get to a size 13 carbon footprint.

  10. Whew! I am safe to eat as many sandwiches as I want, since NONE of them have feet, and can’t leave footprints!

  11. Had a bacon egg & cheese biscuit for breakfast,gonna have pulled pork for lunch & a big ass fried oyster po’ boy for dinner.

  12. “Woman, go to the kitchen and make me some global warming climate change NOW!” said no Manchester employee ever…

  13. First, these studies have got to go.
    Spend those resources providing health care for Manchester folk who wait weeks for basic care.

  14. By all means, let’s ignore third-world factories belching black smoke and instead work on decreasing food production. Here is some more material for a cognitive or intelligence test.

  15. For years I’ve been telling anyone that will listen that we gotta quit eating sandwiches … we’re causing global warming.
    No one will talk to me anymore.

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