Saudi students escaping US justice

American Military News: Revelations that the Saudi Arabian government may have helped its citizens escape U.S. justice have generated national headlines, triggered a federal investigation and led to legislation introduced in Congress.

The story began with a tip that federal law enforcement agents believed the Saudis helped one of its citizens, a young man studying in Portland, flee the U.S. before his manslaughter trial.

Four more cases in Oregon soon emerged where Saudi students accused of serious crimes vanished before their trial or completing their sentence, even after some surrendered their passports to authorities.

The Oregonian/OregonLive is now tracking similar cases around the country. So far it has found 17 across eight states and Canada.

The news organization’s growing investigative series also has prompted a number of questions from readers. Here’s a breakdown.  MORE HERE


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  1. I’m still trying to understand how they’re welcome here at all after 911. The whole damn thing stinks. Follow the money would be the best way of finding out but sure isn’t any guarantee.

  2. Mobil Oil Corp. had several large refining and petrochemical plants where I live. They would allow young Saudi men to come and train at these facilities so they could gain knowledge to bring back to their shithole country. Mobil bought a local facility that had dorms and recreational areas and support buildings like cafeterias for them to live in during their time here. Those rat bastards would get driving licenses and purchase the biggest American cars they could get with the biggest engines possible, like older Cadillacs with 455’s or bigger. They would get plastered and fly through town in those ugly land schooners. One day, one of the alcohol fueled Muzzies T-boned a man who had been my science teacher in high school and killed him. The man he killed was a good, gentle, decent, elderly, family man who was loved by the whole community and his death was tragic. Within 36 hours after the crash, the filthy Muzzie killer was back in Saudi Arabia. His family, or Mobil, probably made a payment to the man’s family but the bastard escaped justice. Years later, when I worked at one of the plants, there were still Saudis training there. They were lazy bastards and almost impossible to train. I would feed them pork sausage telling them it was deer sausage.

  3. ask brennan, he knows how saudi arabia works
    they were flown out in private jets.

    “U.S. State Department confirms an American citizen held in captivity in Saudi Arabia”
    ‘Dr. Fitaihi is a dual citizen of the United States and Saudi Arabia, and holds undergraduate and medical degrees from George Washington University and a master’s in public health from Harvard University…
    …He returned to Saudi Arabia in 2006 to help found a hospital there built by his family, and while there, built a career as a prominent motivational speaker on television….
    …In 2017, he was one of about 200 Saudi citizens rounded up and held prisoner at the Riyadh Ritz-Carlton hotel. The Saudi government said that the mass arrests were an attempt to eradicate corruption in the country, but many viewed it as an attempt for Prince Mohammed bin Salman to exert authority over his critics. The vast majority of those arrested at the Ritz-Carlton were released, but Dr. Fitaihi has continued to be detained by the Saudi government since 2017 after being transferred to a prison in Riyadh.’

    He has been repeatedly and continuously tortured over the past 2 years, and there are no formal charges against him. How is this tolerated?

  4. You know you’re in a shithole country when lanes and exits on the Highway are only for the citizens/natives of that country. Only country in my travels to 35 countries or so that I ever saw that kind of crap.

    Saudis always know they are the best! Get used to it


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