Savaging a Berniebot

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  1. First off I am not a fan of Michael Savage, but this butt ripping was classic talk radio. I love it when the libs call in.

    So today, not to push my bonafidedes, but I did teach Sunday school today. This afternoon, I pulled four books off of my shelves. All of them because I was thinking about the Scalia death. These books were:
    -Original Intent, The Courtsm the Constitution, & Religion by David Barrton
    -One Nation Under God, The History of Prayer in America by James P. Moore, Jr.
    -American Beliefs, What Keeps a Big Country and Diverse People United, by John Harmon McElrory
    -Men in Black, How the Supreme Court is Destroying America, By Mark R. Levin.

    I poured over very many pages today and I have to say that the death of Justice Scalia is huge. I am not sure that our nation will ever be the same come two years.

  2. Kudos to Savage. This caller reminded me of Keely Mullen, the Million Student March spokestwit who suffered a deft on-air takedown by Neil Cavuto a few months ago. They don’t know anything about anything, but they do know that Bernie, Obama, and/or Hitlery are the answer to the problem.


  3. I will not listen to Savage/Wiener, as I have heard him say stuff that I KNEW was BS. However, have at the Berniekids…..

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