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‘Savior of Tehran’: China Props Up Tehran With Major Oil Purchases


Iran has illicitly sold China $38 billion worth of oil since President Joe Biden took office and relaxed sanctions enforcement on Tehran. Revenue from the Chinese has kept Iran’s hardline regime afloat as it grapples with the largest outbreak of nationwide protests in years.

China “has proven to be the savior of Tehran by continuing to import millions of barrels of oil every single day,” according to newly released figures calculated by United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI), an advocacy group that tracks Iran’s illicit oil trade. “Chinese imports have likely even exceeded the purchases made when the trade was not subject to U.S. sanctions.” Iran’s oil trade is heavily sanctioned by the United States as part of measures aimed at curbing the hardline regime’s revenue sources.

“It is widely acknowledged,” according to UANI, “that China is principally responsible for keeping the Iranian regime in business through oil purchases that have totaled $38 billion since President Joe Biden assumed office.” Entities found to be complicit in violating sanctions can face huge fines and be iced out of the U.S. financial system. more here

6 Comments on ‘Savior of Tehran’: China Props Up Tehran With Major Oil Purchases

  1. There isn’t anything ‘illicit’ about breaking rules of some international body, US should do it more often. But we can certainly make it harder on China for doing so.
    And Brad is right – China, Russia, Iran are all operating on fumes money-wise. A focused effort would bring them to a stop – and force them to adhere to our guidelines. Ending the Ukraine-Russia war and increasing power supply from nuclear, oil and natgas would be a huge start.

  2. Surprise, surprise. All of those pallets of cash, John Kerry plotting with Iran and lord knows what other dirty dealings with the mullahs have brought us to this point.

    And it’s almost as if our Western governments and media want to pretend that the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the Belt and Road Initiative and BRICS do not exist.

    If the people of the collective West knew what was really going on in Eurasia and the Global South, they’d be even angrier at the incompetent, greedy leadership which is leading the West to destruction and irrelevance. Harder times and harder truths are coming.

  3. Will Biden postpone the irresponsible National Security blunder and not commit a $TRILLION dollar taxpayer funded payoff to Iran for the bogus nuclear armament deal?

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