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Say it with me: Democrat governance sucks

PatriotRetort: I don’t know how many times we have to have yet another explosive news story about government corruption before people finally wake up and realize that Democrat governance sucks.

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have been in full demagogue mode over the water crisis in Flint, Michigan since it first made news — hurling accusations and threats at Michigan Republican Governor Rick Snyder while demanding more and more Federal funds to clean up a mess that decades of Democrats in local government did nothing about.

Meanwhile, back in Flint, a former city employee has accused Democrat mayor Karen Weaver of quietly diverting donors away from a charity intended for the victims of the water crisis toward her own campaign fund.  more

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  1. “What kind of a venal, corrupt sub-human would exploit a crisis in the very city she is entrusted to lead for her own financial gain?” The Clinton Foindation jumps to mind, then liberal democrats.

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