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Say What’s Not So, Joe

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Media doesn’t acknowledge them as lies, but Biden lies like he breathes. His most common type of lie is the one that puffs him up — the boasting lie. That’s the kind of lie that made him have to drop out of his first presidential race in 1988, when he plagiarized other politicians and lied about his educational background. He’s lied about marching for civil rights. He’s lied about being arrested trying to see Nelson Mandela. That kind of lying is one of the reasons he was dismissed as a buffoon for years until the Democrats thought they needed him as the safe, congenial old guy to secure their power.

But now, he told another whopper when he had the World Series winners, the Los Angeles Dodgers, to the White House on Friday. During the visit, he told the Dodgers that he hit a 368 ft. home run off the right-centerfield wall during a Congressional baseball game. He even claimed his “kids remember that.” CBS’ Bo Erickson, one of the few reporters who actually asks questions and reports like a real reporter should, took note, calling it “Peak Biden.” More

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  1. He has absolutely no redeeming characteristics whatsoever. Absolutely none. The fact that he is a lying sack of shit is among the least objectionable of his character traits is telling.

  2. Joe is like that asshole who lives in his mom’s basement who shows up to a Veteran’s Day parade decorated in a fake uniform he adorned with tons of mismatched ribbons and rank/rating insignia (e.g. USAF enlisted dress uniform with Navy aviator wings, Army infantry battle badge, and Marine marksman medal along with a 9 inch board of mix and match ribbons – real example BTW) because he’s a fucking liar who is too stupid to even know how to fucking lie competently.

  3. Slow Joe is a compulsive liar like Hillary. You couldn’t ask him for the time of day and get a straight answer.

  4. My Pet Peeves;

    Hearing Joe Biden being referred to as ‘president’

    Hearing Biden’s comments being touted as ‘his’ comment

    Being told new policies that are being put forth are ‘his’

    Etc., etc., etc.

    My pet peeves on the other side are much too numerous, in fact I am completely inundated with peeves.

  5. The only reason his kids know about it is cuz he kept playing a Victrola recording of it!

    Fun Facts To Know And Tell:
    Biden spelled backwards is Asshole.

  6. In other sports news, that working class schlub, Defender of downtrodden Americans everywhere, Bruce Springsteen, has a daughter competing on the Olympic EQUESTRIAN team!! Of all the sports to signify massive snobbery and elitism! Equestrian competing is the creme de la creme of high society. A high end competition horse is easily 6 figures and usually serious competitors require more than one horse. Oh yea, crack that Budweiser, wipe that sweat off your blackened face after 14 hours in the plant and head over to the polo fields you hypocrite!

  7. Gosh. He’ll take Trump behind the woodshed to bloody his nose. He stood up to Cornpop. Of course he hit homeruns. Joe’s such a Tough Guy. Ain’t it just Joe being Joe? So teh awesome. Not unlike Brad being Brad. One day, I can only ever hope to merely stand in the shadow of such total goodness!

  8. Next he’ll be telling us he landed on the moon with Brian Williams during the Apollo moon missions.
    Of course the Lame Stream Media believes him.

  9. Biden thinks Americans are stupid.
    If the 2020 vote totals are correct, He’s right.
    And he keeps proving it daily.

  10. Yet the one time he recounts the truth, in all of its incriminating glory, about something he did, Predident Trump gets impeached for it.


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