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Scalia Memorial Includes Some Strange Items

A spontaneous public memorial sprang up yesterday as Justice Antonin Scalia lay in repose at the Supreme Court Building.


Scattered among the flowers and candles where jars of applesauce, a head of broccoli and fortune cookies that harkened back to some of the Justice’s best arguments.


I wonder what mourners will leave for Ginsberg when she finally takes the dirt nap?

7 Comments on Scalia Memorial Includes Some Strange Items

  1. Ginsberg?
    A dreid-up, “gently used” tampon (or coat hanger)?

  2. A bag of peach pits….her face always looks like she’s trying to shit one out–sideways.

  3. In English we say fetuses.

    In Latin, the plural of fetus is fetus with a long u. It is a neuter noun of the fourth declension.

  4. I’ve seen cans of soda and ball & jacks left on Sitting Bull’s memorial monument, and I’ve seen Bazooka Bubble gum and pennies on Buckwheat Thomas’ grave; this is the first time I’ve ever heard of applesauce for any kind of memorial.

    They will need a full time hazmat team for 0bama’s death memorial.

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