Scalia on “Moderate” SCOTUS Judges

As soon as you hear a lefty talk about “moderate picks” you are in the presence of a dope who expects judges to be political.

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  1. This is the reason I wish people would stop referring to justices as “conservative”. A “constitutionalist”, maybe.

    I do love that more and more people are talking about how these SCOTUS nominations and the confirmation process are causing more Americans to wonder about and learn about how the branches of gov’t work; that the motivations set-forth by POTUS Trump so clearly demonstrate an attempt to return the most powerful court to its Original Intent; exposing another glaring example of how the Left has been operating in the U.S. for decades through politicizing the courts. And I believe the reason that we hear those nut jobs howling at the moon over Kavanaugh is because they don’t understand how it’s supposed to be — any more than they understand that news media is also supposed to just report the news without editorializing it.

  2. There are judges that follow the intent of the constitution and then there are judges that are spineless and bend to the whims of the popular social issues.
    That’s it, just the two.

  3. A moderate judge is a judge that republicans can nominate and still be invited to the right cocktail parties. They don’t want to lose their social status.

  4. Unless we can get Justice Scalia back, I will never accept any ‘compromise’ with the left.

    They think they successfully swept his murder under the tsunami of other crimes they successfully pulled off, with the media’s complicit obfuscation, but they are absolutely wrong to think that.

    May God continue to empower President Trump to flush The Swamp™.

  5. Just so everyone is clear, if Trump gets a conservative majority with Kavanaugh or RBG replacement, the next Dem president will add enough seats to the SCotUS to give them a commie majority.

    Trump should go ahead and start flirting with the idea of adding so many Justices that they would be fools to try to add more.

    They have already floated this idea. From the people who were also in favor of minting a Trillion Dollar Coin with a 24/7 guard protecting it, as if you could spend it, to fix the budget.


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