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Scambag That Caused a Girl’s Suicide is Found and Arrested

Netherlands police have arrested a 35-year-old man who allegedly blackmailed a Canadian teenager over nude photos before she killed herself, reports the CBC. Amanda Todd’s case drew international headlines because of a YouTube video the 15-year-old posted before her death in 2012 detailing her ordeal. A Netherlands report says the still-unidentified man duped the girl into posing nude for him on webcam, then saved the images and used them to blackmail her into providing more material.

He has been charged with production and dissemination of child pornography, reports Huffington Post Canada. Authorities say they are still identifying other blackmail victims, including men who thought they were communicating with an underage male, according to the National Public Proseuctor’s Office. “There were multiple people in those chat rooms,” says Amanda’s mother, Carol Todd. “So this would hopefully be the first layer of many layers that they could uncover.” 

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  1. I skipped through the CBCNews presentation and was immediately struck by just how much of the junior porn they chose to show on air themselves! So who is still stalking Amanda Todd and the others now? And look at the number of commercial breaks YouTube inserted. YouTube is stalking Amanda and the others too. Disgusting perverts! Producing and distributing child port under the guise of concern for exploited children.

  2. The internet is the beginning of the end for many lives. It triggers too many unwanted feelings and emotions. It certainly brings out the worse in people – and they don’t try to hide it either. It can be the most dangerous place you’ll ever venture into for the day. We’re seeing the fruits of the internet by the “now generation” we’re witnessing. The older generation knows not what to do with them….we created them.

  3. Amanda Todd was a very cute kid that was picked on by everyone.
    Young kids were attacking her On-line before this incident even happened.
    She was Bullied. Badly.
    That eventually led her to stay on line where this animal took advantage of her and everything got much worse.

    I’m Glad IOTW picked up on her story.
    Her death really bothered me.

    I wish she had a better life.


  4. Kcir — At bottom, after it’s all hashed through, I think everyone is sad when a child finds no other resolution to their problems than to kill themselves. It’s awful.

    I do wonder — as most would, I suppose — why her parents didn’t think it necessary to simply throw down the hammer on her internet activity. Her mother, especially, seems to be peculiarly detached and her dad is inconsolable. I know it’s easy in hindsight to criticize the parents for this, but there was obviously a real rift in the girl’s relationship with her folks that prevented her from seeking and getting the right kinds of guidance she needed. This is why parents should never abdicate their primary role in their children’s lives. Making the hard decisions for their kid, even if it makes the kid mad as hell at them, can save their child’s life. The child will eventually be thankful for that “tough love”.


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