Scarborough Fair – Simon and Garfunkel and Andy Williams

Live singing doesn’t get much better than this.

Longtime readers will remember that I’ve posted this a couple of times before. It’s still amazing.

Andy Williams is among the most underrated American singing voice.s

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  1. Fur, Andy Williams was my favorite singer. Not very popular among my high school friends in the ’70s, but what did they know.

    “May each day of the week be a good day. May the Lord always watch over you. Goodnight everybody.” ~sign off of the Andy Williams show.

  2. I stumbled across this a couple years ago. It doesn’t get any better than this. It’s on the home play list. Right after the Everly Brothers.

  3. no auto tune, no digital tracking,

    tell todays “artis”, go out there and do it live and do it with a guest and it would be an epic fail.

    or put it this way, 3 men and a guitar all with talent are more riveting than a platoon of half naked women twerking as some lametard lipsyncs to an attuned sound track.
    I cant stand ‘modern music’.

  4. In mid-80s when I was a totally cool, hip young gal, the Corporation I worked for would hire professional talent for our Christmas party. For my first party I heard Andy Williams was the entertainment. I’m like, What? Like Who’s That? Like Andy Griffin? Totally give me a break. Well I may have been an ignorant twit but I wasn’t stupid and it did not take long into his performance for me to fall in love! He was fun, energetic and of course a supremely gifted singer! What a fantastic evening!

  5. We dialed up an Andy Williams Christmas (on Amazon, I think) over the holidays. He did those shows for about a dozen years on NBC. Pretty much beats anything available now.

  6. Andy Williams is my favorite male singer. I watched his show religiously. So glad the bear got a cookie on the last show.

    His voice is like honey mixed with soft clouds. Sigh.

  7. @ AbigailAdams and Claudia,

    I to loved Andy Williams, I was also in HS in the ’70s and not cool to like Andy. My all time favorite song in the whole world is him singing Moon River.

    When he died a few years back, it was like he took a part of Christmas with him. How we all looked forward to his Christmas shows, and Bing, Bob Hope with the troops. Times like that will not repeat!


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