Scared, Stupid, and Easily Manipulated-What COVID has revealed about young people.

I&I: The saying goes that crises reveal your true nature. If that’s the case, we are in big trouble, because what COVID has revealed about young people in America is not good.

A new Morning Consult poll out this week finds that young people are the most worried about getting COVID of any age group — even though their risk from the disease is negligible.

At the other end of the spectrum, the elderly are much less worried, even though they are at the highest risk of death.

The poll found that 23% of those between ages 18-34 are “very worried about getting sick from COVID-19 within the next year.” That’s the highest of any of the age groups broken out by the survey. Another 35% are “somewhat” worried. Just 38% say they aren’t worried.

Among those 65 and older, in contrast, only 17% are “very worried,” while 39% aren’t worried.

Why in the world are young people so terrified of COVID?

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  1. When public schools and colleges have dumbed down basic science and math, to the point where kids don’t understand how viruses and vaccines work, nor how percentages work, we have a dumbass segment of society.
    Now add in the fact that
    they spent all their shut down time listening to the likes of that evil bastard, Fauci and mainstream media and their Tick Tok sound bites, we have a really lost effed up generation.

  2. I’m not worried about the virus. At this point, I really don’t want to live in a world that is going to be “reset” into communism.
    I pretty much see death as a welcomed friend.

  3. I don’t think they’re as terrified as they are raging narcissists who want no responsibility for anything: they’ll toady to anything the left offers, as long as they can act like brats and get free shit.

  4. Generation Faggot never fails to get it wrong on everything. They’re so bad they make Millennials look tough.

  5. A lot of high school kids walk to and from school around here. It’s pathetic to see them wearing masks outdoors by themselves.

    They’ve been taught by school and wussy parents to be obedient little comrades.

  6. We saw that last night. Wanna be tough guy teenagers skateboarding in the busy parking lot, with masks on! Wife said, “At least they are outside!”

  7. It’s not only the young people.
    These are the same people who buy electric and hybrid vehicles at prices much higher than their gas equivalent – to save the planet!

  8. Excuse me, it’s friggin cold outside here goddam right I put a mask on, on real cold days I put on 2. I’ve gotten pneumonia before, it works. Boy some are sooooo stupid.

  9. Okay anon, that must explain why my neighbor was wearing a surgical mask while shoveling his driveway this afternoon. And here I was just thinking he’s an asstard when all along he is just a paranoid narcistic with mysophobia.

    Explains a lot, Thanks!

  10. “I just want to walk up to someone wearing a mask outside and slap the mask off of them.”

    Honestly I laughed my ass off at that comment. OldCoot, bro, it’s a free country. Let them mask up. But conversely, don’t tell me I should be wearing a mask. And I won’t kill you. JK, I’m a comedian.

  11. Brad, you should know. You’re generally not clever and certainly not funny. Try to remember that in your next stupid comment.

  12. Helmut Helmut former german ambassador to Wyoming

    Thank you in advance. I need a lot of help. You seem like the kind of person that could straighten my poor dumb ass out. I anticipate the day we meet in person. When I crush your larynx with my left hand. Nice job pussy.

  13. No REALLY Brad. There was nothing clever or funny by that which you just typed. I tried to warn you of your shortcomings.

  14. @Helmeth

    I haven’t read anything clever or funny from you. In fact I’ve never seen any comments of any kind from you before today.

    If you want to be a nuisance, go somewhere else.

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