Schadenfreude: Kimmel surrenders

AT: Late night comedian Jimmy Kimmel, who’s hosting the Oscars maybe next year and something else at Lincoln Center’s Geffen Hall (his schedule doesn’t look particularly exceptional), has noticed something the Hollywood elites haven’t.

Anti-Trump jokes go over like a lead balloon with people who matter to Hollywood: the audience. And Kimmel admits the audience is sick of this tired routine. A jackass has just woke up and smelled the coffee. MORE

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  1. I hope he came to this realization too late and his career takes a steep nosedive. The uppity prick deserves no less.

  2. More BS from the Scheiße Industry!
    There has never been any subject beaten to smithereens so hard for so long. No joke holds up to that. Comedy was never the purpose of the attacking.
    And after 8 years of a bumbling self-absorbed twink with no sense of self (despite his countless selfies) AND NOT ONE JOKE, you can stuff yourself up your own bunghole for trying to float your deceit, Jimmy, and join hands with your ‘competitor’ Colbert to take the long walk off the short pier.

  3. In order to be funny when you attack a person or subject, there needs to be some truth to the premise. Thats why the Bill and Monica jokes worked. Hence, Trump jokes are only funny to those that believe the premise……….crickets, because most folks know that the media has been spreading crap.

  4. Jimmy Kimmel … Jimmy Kimmel … I think I heard something about him … once …

    Different kind of #Awoke?

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Jimmy’s only slightly more intelligent than your average rock, but he has Colbert beat all to hell. It’s amazing that he could figure this out all by himself. There’s no hope for Colbert. I stopped watching late night comedy when hosts started to opine rather than entertain. That’s been a long time ago.

  6. As the sidekick on the old “Win Ben Stein’s Money” teevee show, Kimmel was loutishly funny – mostly due to dead-pan Stein. That was a long time ago, and since then his “humor” has been flatter than a roadkill toad.

  7. The hardest part for the late night talk show hosts is realizing that they are just not that influential. Liberals will hate Trump regardless of what the host says, and normal Americans tune in just to be entertained. The anti-Trump route isn’t entertaining, and Kimmel is losing middle America viewers.

  8. Kimmel was good w/Ben Stein’s $ (the only contact I had with him). I’m STILL trying to figure out how Mahr has an audience–is HBO benefiting in some way?

  9. Kimmel’s woke? I doubt it.

    The last thing he did that was funny was “The Man Show”.

    That was back before the Prog Libs made him turn in his man card.


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