Schiff Not Releasing Witness Testimony That Destroys His Impeachment Case

Town Hall

While presenting the Democrats’ case for impeachment on the Senate floor, lead impeachment manager Adam Schiff (D-CA) kept referencing 17 witnesses who testified during the House impeachment inquiry. But there were 18 of them.

Schiff and the Democrats are refusing to release the testimony of Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson, and according to Republicans who were present during Atkinson’s closed-door testimony, the reason the transcript hasn’t been released is because it proves both the whistleblower and House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff did not tell the truth about their contact with each other. More

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  1. Thus it is that in war the victorious strategist only seeks battle after the victory has been won, whereas he who is destined to defeat first fights and afterwards looks for victory.

    Sun Tzu

  2. Not releasing exculpatory evidence is obstruction of Justice.
    Raid his home and kick in his doors and drag his wife out for the camera crews

  3. 1) Schiff doesn’t have a wife, unless it’s a tranny
    2) Schiff, Vindaman and Ciaramella met for Appletini’s at Ed Bucks gay rape drug den

  4. This is absurd. You’re telling me there is no way to compel this testimony? What an absolutely assinine, stupid, ridiculous, moronic, pos crap show is this?

  5. @Mr. Anth Ropy January 27, 2020 at 10:22 am

    > Democrats don’t have the same rules as everyone else.

    What are these “rules”? Of which you write?

  6. I have been a very outspoken Trump supporter since the first time he said illegals.
    But, my biggest complaint is why people like Atkinson, Caramel boy, Russian twins, etc. have a job.
    I will walk across coals to vote for Trump again, the best President in my lifetime, but I hope the next day after the election in November he cleans house and quits making poor hires for those advising him.

    Hell, actually he shouldn’t even wait until after the election, get them the hell out of our government.

  7. Our government is screwed up big time, why go though the motions if you know this game is being played with evidence being withheld?? Now we know why Washington is doomed to the dust bin.


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