Schlichter: Ignore The Never Trump Losers Who Are OK With Liberals Winning

Town Hall: There’s a debate going on inside conservatism between the insufferable sissies who insist that we Normals are morally obligated to submit to being crushed by the leftists who hate us and want us enslaved or dead, and actual conservatives. Maybe I’m simplifying this intellectual dispute a bit – wait, no I’m not. You either want to defeat the liberal elite that despises us or you don’t. It’s those of us who seek to win versus the Never Trump losers, and there’s no middle ground.

Win or lose. Pick one.

The Never Trumpers are willing, even eager, to lose, regardless of the consequences for you and me. They would thrive in defeat. After all, there’s always a place for a slobberingly loyal conservativish opposition, right over there at the liberal elite’s kiddie table.

I say we should fight to win and preserve our liberty.

David French is the poster-scold for the Surrender Caucus, a fussy man who is always at the ready with some hitherto unknown conservative norm, rule or principle that boils down to you not being allowed to effectively resist the massive attack on your liberty and prosperity by our garbage elite. These conservative norms, rules and principles are pretty remarkable in that they only apply to limit our options and actions – they never apply to protect us from our enemies.

I have my own conservative principle regarding conservative principles, and it goes like this: Any conservative principle that makes me poorer or less free is a pretty crappy conservative principle and I’m not going to do it.

Basically, it’s a choice between “Please clap” and “I’ll sock you in the face.”

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24 Comments on Schlichter: Ignore The Never Trump Losers Who Are OK With Liberals Winning

  1. You can guess why these losers are really up there just by their actions. They’ll put on an act for the public feigning their outrage at democratic moves but when the cameras and microphones are switched off it’s mutual backslapping as usual.
    With few exceptions the whole crowd is manipulated by the COC and other lobbyists that dole out the perks. Any ill effects felt by the public is collateral and a mere nuisance.
    We’ll need a lot of rope.

  2. @ RadioMatt: they are really the same ilk, they just present as “conservative.”

    @ gin blossom: tip of the day…buy hemp futures…pass it on!

  3. Funny that! I remember some time in the past, nasty pelousey stating something like, “I miss the old days when there wasn’t really any difference between dems and repubs”. I paraphrase.
    Hang the treasonous fookers!
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  4. …you know, I’ve thought a lot about why the Never-Trumpers are how they are and why they are such surrender monkeys, and apart from the Uniparty concept (which DOES exist), I have a DIFFERENT theory.

    I think that some of them TRULY believe that the ONLY way this gets better is Civil War, and the FASTEST way to get there is by giving the liberals FULL AND COMPLETE control.

    This is something like the “12th Iman” belief of the Shi’ite Muslims, whereby THEY believe that the way to a pure Muslim paradise on Earth is to force the world into chaos and destruction, which will bring out the 12th Iman who is to lead the world COMPLETELY over to Islam, but he WON’T come without destruction and woe.

    …and the sad thing is, if this is the case, the NT’ers have a point. It IS likely that it WILL require large-scale warfare to rid ourselves, at least for this generation, of this evil, so ingrained in our institutions and our entertainment as it is. I do believe we are VERY unlikely to turn the tide without bloodshed. As with Islam, the Democrats ARE at war with US, even if WE aren’t at war with THEM.

    We just haven’t returned fire yet.

    …all that said, the NT’ers are wrong.

    I will NOT give up my Constitution, my Bill of Rights, the institutions of MY nation without a ballot fight, without a legal fight, without at least TRYING to salvage something of the Republic. All of our enemies WANT warfare because each believes that THEY will be the victors, and while they will NOT, many thousands will die in the effort.

    I will not spend my son in this war if there is ANY hope of alternative.

    And we have our President to prove that ALL hope is NOT lost.

    I also have hope in the Lord Jesus Christ. I believe that He had His hand on the 2016 election, as it did, indeed, require a miracle to overcome the well-honed, well-oiled fraud machine that the Democrats bring to EVERY election. I believe HE saw to it they picked the most transparently evil person possible to show the choice the most clearly, that HE gave them the overconfidence to not have sufficent car trunks full of fake ballots on hand in key places, and that HE has made their EVERY ATTEMPT to take down our President backfire onto THEM.

    As it says in Isaiah, and as it would seem to apply to Our President;

    “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord.”
    -Isaiah 54:17

    …the same Lord that led us out of the Obama wilderness stays his hand from final judgement, and it may be that He can see from how we have responded that He will CONTINUE to do so, to allow the maximum amount of time that his lost children may yet seek Him. This is OUT of the Democrat’s hands, it will fall as the Lord commands whether they will or no, and on THAT I will rest my faith and vote for my President.

    …eventually, the world WILL be lost to the Anti-Christ for a time, but when that is, is HIS to rule, NOT the Never-Trumpers.

    Never-Trumpers seem to be faithless and cowardly. They would sacrifice a generation by surrender to warfare so they, themselves, do not have to lift a finger. They WANT the fruits of the battle, but will NOT be the ones FIGHTING it. And if they kowtow to the Democrats, they can always say later if it goes in the Democrat’s favor, “See? WE backed you against the Orange Man, so We will be your “loyal opposition” that you can trust to go along to get along”.

    They will risk NOTHING and win either way.

    THAT is the Never-Trumper. Cowardly, faithless, pusillanimous, bending a knee to every would-be dictator to protect their OWN comfort even while willing to sacrifice OTHERS to maintain their station.

    The Lord tells us how to respond to him, even as HE would respond to them.

    “15 I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot.

    16 So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.”
    -Revelation 3:15-16

    Trust the Lord.
    Support the President.
    Despise the Never-Trumpers.
    Prepare to fight in the time of fighting, be it political, spiritual, or physical. Be prayed up, payed up, armed up, and prepared.

    …Moses said in Exodus 32:26 what could be said by President Trump today…

    “Then Moses stood in the gate of the camp, and said, Who is on the Lord’s side? let him come unto me.”

    …go to the gate. It’s time to choose. Leave the Never Trumpers to find their eternal home.

    It will be a warm one.

  5. Can’t remember the name of the town, but when Edward I (Longshanks) invaded Scotland, some Scot guy told him (Edward) he knew a way to sneak the troops in, and would show the English, for “all the gold he could carry.” Edward agreed, of course, and the Scot showed them the way, and the town fell, giving Edward a great victory. The guy came for his gold. Edward had the gold melted and poured down his throat, admonishing the perpetrators to give him “all that he could carry.”

    Simple fact is: You can’t trust a traitor. Nobody can. Either side. Use him and dispose of him.
    The “go along to get along” chorus are the same (or similar) to the Jews who thought they could “deal with” Hitler by acquiescing to his rants.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. …Nice historical reference, @Tim…

    that’s pretty close, at least in tone, to the “reward” that the traitorous Arlen Specter received when he gave them Obamacare by switching sides.

    He gave them the health care industry, and they gave HIM the gate.

    …This is because, as you say, no man stands with a traitor. Not even ANOTHER traitor, in a PARTY of traitors.

    No one fears theft more than a thief. They probably figure he’d stab THEM in the back eventually, so thank you for your service, now die…

  7. This is why I tuned out wormy pundits like Beck and Shapiro even before Trump was elected. They have been and will remain dead to me. Some people still think BS is “smart,” but he has said enough stupid things for me to believe that he is not worth listening to and not as smart as he thinks he is.

  8. Decades before leftist GOPe were clled “never Trump” they were called “Roosevelt GOP”. As Bill said 500 years ago, “A rose by any other name…”.


    The Bush “GOPe” “Snarlin Arlen” led these Roosevelt GOPe against Bork decades ago. Had it not been for these Roosevelt GOPe giving the anti Bork Dems “Legitimacy” Bork would have been on the Court!

    Forget not the Rove/Bush clique told us Oct 16 VOTE CLINTON!

  9. A few weeks ago I commented that it was time to break off from the Republicans and start a new conservative party. It’s time. Make the True Conservatives drag their own bags. The Republican brand is too tainted with the likes of French. There are too many in the Republican party — for whatever reasons — who don’t understand that the Left is out for blood and total defeat of all of our values.

    (I like the idea of The Braveheart Party. We get to dress up in war paint, lots of studded leather and animal skins.)

  10. AbigailAdams – I agree. Expect a part of me is saying, “Why are WE leaving? Kick THEM out!” lol.
    We should taint them as ‘unaffiliated party member’ or democrat, or something, every time we talk about them.

  11. “(I like the idea of The Braveheart Party. We get to dress up in war paint, lots of studded leather and animal skins.)”

    …only problem with THAT, @AA, is that we’d LOOK a LOT like Nancy Pelosi voters in THAT kind of gear…

  12. I skimmed this yesterday morning, and the first thought I had was “Gee. Wonder if he forwarded a copy to Shapiro? Recall that Schlichter successfully defended lil Ben against clock boy.

  13. @MJA — Except we’ve outgrown the Republican Party. Yes, it’s the party of Abe, but French et al have diminished it to the point of being indistinguishable from the D’s (the Uniparty). Also, I think it is far easier to lump the Republicans with the term “globalist” in the economic sense.

    A fresh start with fresh faces that really represent conservatism, I think, is in order. We’re in a new era (a renewed era) of conservatism. That deserves its own party. Less confusion, too, for those who identify with the Founders’ line of thinking.

    And, Supernightshade: Pelosi doesn’t have this:

    … 🙂

  14. @Abigal Adams and @MJA, could not agree more. But beware of the AntiTrumps Tea Party Candidates—-let Justin Amash’s voting record stand as a testament to the waste of OUR Voice Represented by a self self interest/option that perpetuates our suffering. Paul Ryan was just such a man. Tea Party Never Trump Republican Candidates CAN get elected…and be the enemy of good to ending our suffering at the whim of either ignorant …or just evil. self-serving good intentions. with the power of authority over even those NOT his friends. Ted Cruz can explain to God and my husband why his Trump loving wife would have deserved egging egged by a gang of illegals because of who she choose to congregate with. Self serving grifters for power Never Trumpers have a theological problem that when such deeds are enacted upon others are tragic…or are all wind with no fruit…. but with a continuous pleading for more tithes contribution letter pleading for MORE $$$ so they can perform actual Constitution Assigned duties accepted when the swore an Oath to perform. Never Trumpers in Tea Party have a theological error – Pelagian? – which affects their work ethic.which drives their deeds.

  15. Stockholm syndrome? the susceptibility of wimps with no grounding in ethics or sense of duty may explain it.

  16. Also…there really is no need to form another party…what we are all wanting is the political morality called republicanism…the original truly American Party that ended the attempt to Americanize English forms into the New wine of the American sense of liberty into. The Federalist Party tried to put that American Liberty into old wine skin traditions. The Federalist Party gave way to a NEW truly American Republican Party during the 1790’s. Ability to Do Trumps ( ha) credentials and authority that can’t by merit. That’s Republican political morality. That’s MAGA.

  17. If you don’t understand the GOP’s complicity in the swamp/left/islamic axis, you are not following the money.

    Country club before country.

  18. @Supernightshade June 11, 2019 at 7:51 am

    > I think that some of them TRULY believe that the ONLY way this gets better is Civil War, and the FASTEST way to get there is by giving the liberals FULL AND COMPLETE control.

    That’s not the “Never Trumpers”. The “Never Trumpers” really want the communalists to admire them. For their individuality. Just like all NPCs want to be admired for their individuality. So they can all agree.

    The people who want to “put out the fire with gasoline”, actually want Trump to succeed. As Trump, and his supporters, themselves, define “success”.

  19. Anonymous wrote “That’s not the “Never Trumpers”. The “Never Trumpers” really want the communalists to admire them. For their individuality. Just like all NPCs want to be admired for their individuality.”

    That’s not really true. The Tea Party Never Trumpers WANT the same POWER as Communist because they are VERY certain their opinion is the same as God’s in deciding who deserves justice …if any…and how much. See Job’s friends schooling Job on why his deplorable state was JOB’s fault….Job had it comin’ they wrongly explained. But Job’s friends were mistaken in their opinion. Job’s friends were the Never Trumpers Tea Party of their day. To Elect a known Never Trumper Tea Party Candidate is meet the New Boss….Same as Old Boss routine. Elect at your own peril..

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