My Simple, Effective Comprehensive Illegal Immigration Reform Plan: Go Home

TH: Get out, illegals. Go home. Or don’t go home – I don’t care where you go. You just can’t stay here in America.

This is my elegant, uncomplicated comprehensive immigration reform plan. If we did not invite you in – if you didn’t have the basic courtesy and respect for this country to ask to come here, then get out. And don’t come back – if you snuck into America, you don’t get to come back.

It’s simple and fair. The fair part is important, because it’s about time that our immigration laws be fair to the only people who should matter when we make our policies – American citizens.

Yes, the goal of our immigration system should be one thing – to benefit American citizens. It may scandalize the elite to prioritize our own people, but that’s okay – in fact, I hope they run in 2020 on a platform of putting foreigners first.

In the meantime, the Big Bamboozle is coming back around again. It shows up every few years with a new name, but it’s always the same thing – a bogus promise to halt the illegal invasion facilitated by Democrats seeking replacement voters for you disobedient Normals and by Chamber of Commerce-types shilling for the big corporations that want an endless supply of pliable, obedient, and cheap labor.

It’s amnesty, and amnesty by any other name still stinks. more

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  1. That’s why a border should have a fence. When they cross the barricade, shoot them.

    My property is fenced, with two locked gates. Pretty simple.

  2. Perfect!

    Except: (Which reminds me – deport all illegal Swedes)

    What the hell?!

    I grew up in a town of ‘….sons’ and I am one. But I am 4th generation, I hope that is ok.

  3. Free Speech Forum, that is the Communist way to silence the so obvious truth. And America is at the place where fear of government retaliation is a real threat to those that openly dissent policy and threaten to expose the criminals in power. The Clinton Body Count still keeps rising. BUT there is also a Bush Body count, too. Obama is also suspected to have his.

    [alleged Bush]

    [alleged Clinton]

    [alleged Obama]

  4. BTW, My vote goes for this policy! But with guns at their backs. Enforcement, or it won’t happen.

    TH: Get out, illegals. Go home. Or don’t go home – I don’t care where you go. You just can’t stay here in America.

  5. Massive caravan of invaders are on their way to the border expecting to cross unnoticed into the US. If the armed, ready to shoot National Guard isn’t already covering the entire border, then Trump is a traitorous President. If our own US Military will not defend and protect our country, we won’t have a country any more.

    Shocking video is being filmed at America’s southern border on a daily basis as civilian patriots captured footage of a 70-bus caravan and a “lookout” drone Thursday night.

    Infowars has covered the group, United Constitutional Patriots (UCP), multiple times this week after they caught a group of over 300 illegals Tuesday night and another group of more than 90 on Wednesday.

    Patriot border patroller Conservative Anthony has captured footage of over 70 buses arriving at the border and a “lookout” drone used by smugglers.

  6. Aside from the fact they’re still being welcomed in, the border wall is but a shiny object to raise hope in Trump’s base.

    AG Barr just issued an order (of which is being challenged of course), that no more asylum claims will be allowed for anyone not presenting at ports of entry, TO BEGIN IN 90 DAYS. How many will get in during the 90 day grace period? 100k, 200k 500k?
    Further, how many types of Visa’s do we have, i.e., the U-Visa, most people have never heard of, that are being abused?

    This issue will remain unresolved at least until 2020. Both parties see this as an election issue. In the meantime the crisis increases.

    I hear no one talking about changing laws. Until laws are changed or AG Barr fast tracks all the challenges/stays up to SCOTUS, the welcome mat remains.

  7. We need to send special operators into Mexico to snatch cartel leaders and bring them to the states for prosecution. All of their assets confiscated to be distributed to the peasants. All costs assumed by americans for the resources drained to support illegals living here will be levied against the Mexican government.

  8. If we eliminate anchor baby citizenship,remove welfare\ benefit gifts and require the same documentation for everyone to be employed we would be going in the right direction. It doesn’t require a big stick if there is no carrot to tempt them.
    We also should hold employers accountable for their actions

  9. Reasonable, lawful suggestions to deal with the invasion of parasites are “not on the Communist controlled, political table.”
    While so much attention is being given to what is NOT happening at the Southern border to stop allowing illegals into the country, the Trump administration is continuing to purposely bring in thousands of non-white, Muslim parasites who are not really refugees at all. They are the Communist Congressional planned, non-Christian, anti-American diseased, crime-oriented diversity which is also being used to destroy the Christian-based culture, and the Constitutional Law Republic. There are quite a few “charitable” organizations that have been getting tons of “free” tax money to bring these thousands into the country; then dump them into “white” communities to provide welfare to them. Then the NGO’s leave and go get paid to disperse another unwanted group of parasites into another unsuspecting area. Quite a racket!

    Trump Office of Refugee Resettlement Still Doling Out Millions to Specific Ethnic Community Organizations
    APRIL 17, 2019
    In fact, the real purpose behind the grant program is just like ACORN (remember the community organizers there!), but, in this case, to help refugees get their services (aka welfare) AND to get them engaged in “civic participation” meaning of course to get them involved in local politics and ultimately to become Democrat voters.


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