Schmo Kaine




Schmo Kaine (Cocaine)

She is sick, no doubt
You’ve got to wait her out, Schmo Kaine
Don’t you let her fall down
Down on the ground, Schmo Kaine
cuz she lie
cuz you lie
You both lie, Schmo Kaine

Well her shins are bruised
because she lost one of her shoes, Schmo Kaine
And her day is done
at a quarter to one, Schmo Kaine
and she lies
she may die
You won’t cry, Schmo Kaine

Her strength is gone, get a
scooter to ride on, Schmo Kaine
Be nice to that hack
or you’re the one she will whack, Schmo Kaine
about to die
and she lies
Don’t you cry, Schmo Kaine

12 Comments on Schmo Kaine

  1. MJA,don’t forget the flip side “Consumptive Tonight” with that unforgettable chorus of “and then she asked me how she looked and I said you look Consumptive tonight”

  2. I know one thing after lasts nights debate I was wishing Pence was the one running for president instead of how we ended up with god awful Trump. It was refreshing to actually see a person that could actually put forth policy in a clear fashion without a limited vocabulary.

  3. Ratfink wins the Internets. Shitizen Kaine indeed.

    Hey, that picture of Kaine’s smirky ass-face makes me think he’s the slimmed-down brother of that really fat comedian who does a riff on fat people at Chinese food all-you-can-eat buffets. “You been here four hour. You eat too much!”

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