Schmuckles the Clown Has a Problem Distinguishing Between Legal and Illegal Activity

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Schumer- One of the Tea Party’s ‘Fundamental Values’ Is ‘Horrible, Disgusting’ ‘Anti-Immigrant’ View.

On Tuesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Rachel Maddow Show,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) argued that the hard right has always been opposed to immigration and one of the Tea Party’s “fundamental values” is a “horrible, disgusting” “anti-immigrant” position.

Donald Trump ran on an anti-immigration platform, the Tea Party’s — one of their fundamental values is anti-immigrant, which is horrible, disgusting, but that’s who they are.”


My memory is pretty good, in that, I can remember things from 2 years ago. I watched Trump run, I don’t recall one anti-immigrant comment.

I also don’t recall the TEA party being anti-immigrant. I remember being anti-illegal immigration.

I could be wrong, I’m not as smart as upChuck Schumer, but I think I know the difference between legal and illegal.



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  1. Fuck you chuck.
    This has nothing to do with immigration
    It’s all about New Democrat voters. How dumb do you think we are?
    To prove my point restrict their vote for 25 years.
    Chuck would never allow that.

  2. You know, since POTUS Trump took office, the brazen lies told by the congressional uniparty are increasingly harder to take. Those people know they are lying as sure as we’re sitting here. Schumer is the worst, but he’s got a lot of company. I read today that Schumer and Feinstein have sent letters to Google, Twitter and FB (I think it was those three) CEO’s, begging them to look into Russian hacking into their social media in response the the #releasethememo phenomenon of this past weekend. They say they believe the American people cannot be credited with such a huge outcry. Is that not telling about the Left, who frequently use social media as a platform for propaganda astroturf-ing?

  3. Jerry Manderin — It’s a stupid “thing”. Now you see other D’s doing the same thing. He is literally “looking down his nose” when he addresses people. It’s stupid. They are supposed to be reading glasses, but it just looks stupid. And arrogant.

  4. chuck looking down his nose at all us peons reminds me of obama always tilting his head back and looking down his nose with that freaking mussolini pose of his.

    brings us back to hillary’s deplorable’s comments.

    the ruling elites really think we are stupid enough to let them keep on dragging us into their social slavery and rightly so because we have been letting them get away with it.

    we are the only ones who can right this ship and we better do it while we have someone like DJT in the whitehouse.

  5. “Why does he wear his stupid glasses so far down off of his penis nose?”

    Every Dem in DC–except Barky, who just naturally exuded genius–has a pair of fake specs for lookin’ smart.

  6. According to the MSM, all immigrants are illegal, um, ‘undocumented’. There are no legal immigrants. Even your grandparents.
    Therefore, we conservatives are against all immigration.

  7. Democrats would have had a wall built a long time ago if illegals were a potential Republican voting bloc.

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