School Declares Wonder Woman Lunchbox Too Violent – IOTW Report

School Declares Wonder Woman Lunchbox Too Violent

They also ruled that Liberace was too butch.

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17 Comments on School Declares Wonder Woman Lunchbox Too Violent

  1. Just tell the school that Wonder Woman is really a tranny. All will be well.

  2. Lunchbox? Who need a lunchbox when Lady Obama giving away all those free healthy meals?

  3. All the kid has to tell them is, “That’s not Wonder Woman. It’s Caitlin Jenner” and the school will be fine.

  4. English Composition 101
    Professor Yonkers


    A 1,000 – word essay analyzing the inherent hypocrisy in first hailing Wonder Woman as a symbol of “empowerment” for girls and women, and then deciding that she is “too violent” to be pictured on a lunchbox. Students are allowed to free themselves of the tyranny of libtard conflict by taking one side or the other, but they MUST present their argument in a cogent narrative.

    BTW, it’s Freshperson Week at Sarah Lawrence. That means my neighborhood has been taken over by marauding bands of 18-year-old, gender-confused libtard trust-fund asswipes. Think I’ll fax my assignment over to the English department to give the little darlings something to do.

  5. I think the kiddies should stage their own March on Washington and use their Wonder Woman lunchboxes as projectiles against Michelle Obama.

    I think Wonder Woman would be very pleased with that.

  6. Hah! Fresh person week at Sarah Lawrence lesbian academy.

    Assholes wouldn’t say that about Wonder Woman if Lynda Carter suddenly hung them with her lasso of truth!

  7. Keep sending the kid to school with that lunchbox until the child is suspended. Then file a lawsuit and let them explain to a jury why they suspended the child.

  8. wonder woman is hot….id let lynda carter hurt me real bad

  9. Too bad Linda Carter didn’t have the butt to go with those boobs. She did nail that aspect though.

    Is that sufficiently misogynistic?

  10. OMG, can we afford such high stakes?

    “Sally Larry” is currently the most expensive undergraduate school in the nation. Tuition, room, board, and fees, etc. are about $65,000/year.

  11. Miss USA 1972 is pretty good cred. The “factory air” is a distraction but I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for that. Prettiest face since the young Liz Taylor.

  12. Wonder Woman’s creator was William Moulton Marston, a Harvard-educated psychologist

    Frankly, Wonder Woman is psychological propaganda for the new type of woman who should, I believe, rule the world. Marston believed that submission to “loving authority” was the key to overcoming mankind’s violent urges, and that strong, self-realized women were the hope for a better future.

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