School Reopening Plans

Don’t Like Your School’s Reopening Plan? Pull Your Child Out!

Washington Examiner: Fairfax may be a trendsetter among districts, especially crowded districts near cities, and more may follow its lead about how to handle reopenings. This crowding is proving to be its undoing thanks to health department regulations about keeping children 6 feet apart, which is, it turns out, a fairly arbitrary rule as the World Health Organization recommends individuals from different households keep half the distance apart than the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention does.

But “our hands are tied” is not an excuse for an entire school district announcing that it has abdicated the mission of educating children just because the logistics have become complicated. At private schools around northern Virginia, their phones are ringing off the hook with parents looking for another option to provide their children with an actual education. Distance learning didn’t work last year, nor does it have a chance, especially for elementary-aged children or the children of parents too busy or unwilling to babysit their online activities. Fairfax County was a particularly failed experiment, with the Washington Post calling it a “disaster.”

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16 Comments on School Reopening Plans

  1. There isn’t going to be any public school this fall.
    High school students will be mobilized to disrupt and shut down their own schools. White teachers and institutional racism will be the reason.

    I’m betting it will be shut down in states with democrat governors before election day.

  2. Add in pushing for school choice and turn this back on the democrats and tell them they are racists if they don’t support it. It is long over due to address the crappy educations central planning public schools offer and trap poor minorities who have no choice. It is a winning issue the Republicans could use to win in a landslide. It was part of the reason Desantis won in FL, black mother’s wanting school options.

  3. Where I live the “authorities” are giving parents the option about going back to school. Most parents I know are sending their kids back to school. They’ve had enough.

  4. “But “our hands are tied” is not an excuse for an entire school district announcing that it has abdicated the mission of educating children.”

    O.K. first off, Grammar Nazis, the above sentence is a free fire zone, enjoy.

    Second….maybe the school district SHOULD abandon it’s mission. The last thing they did was a self admitted “disaster”. Which is different from a failure. On like… several levels.

  5. Shut the schools down, then we can stop paying property taxes, then use that money for private schools. That works for me.

  6. Homeschool. Or if taking that on alone isn’t feasible, homeschool co-op. Been there, done that. It works.

  7. Love to see stupid proggy plans go to shit.
    Wait til the teachers don’t have students for a year and the jobs and union payouts to demsocialists dry up.

  8. What about all of us who paid the max into these POS schools (Fairfax, VA for me and Mr. Conduct) and never had crumb crunchers? Whoa! I could have used those dineros…

  9. Jimmy, I don’t know, everyone I’ve talked to thinks it’s a hell of a good idea. I’ll call up Jay Inslee and see what he thinks. He might be pretty receptive to a new idea.

  10. joe6pak, the Russians Unions. Don’t forget the Russians Unions. Governor Dim Bulb receptive to a new idea?

    he he.
    he he he.
    hehe he he.

  11. I don’t know how this works. School district is the greatest portion of my property tax bill. You mean I can opt out? I don’t think so.

  12. We need to push for a constitutional amendment outlawing property taxes of any kind or cost!!!!!


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