School Trips to Sadiq’s London Now “HIGH RISK” Activity

Geller Report:

So, one English County now recognizes the new facts of life on multi-cultural Britain – visiting London is a high risk venture. London, once the capital of an Empire upon which the sun never set. Sadly, Britain can probably sink lower yet.


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  1. The really important thing is how much Charles loves muslims, he does not give a sheet for Englishmen/women.

  2. Semi Clause #7
    A hand is worth 2x in the Bush
    ~Insurance Underwriters of Greater London Fieldtrippers
    **Many Conditions Apply

  3. Samuel Johnson would probably be very tired of London by now.
    Winston S. Churchill wouldn’t recognize the place.
    Margaret Thatcher wouldn’t have let it happen.
    Tony Blair thinks it’s just fine.
    And Jeremy Corbin wants to import more Third World Shitholers to punish the white citizens whose ancestors made London one of the World’s greatest cities.

  4. Importing some folks from less civilized parts of the earth and allowing them to learn our ways is a high minded thing to do, and good for the immigrants. Importing a bunch of barbarians, allowing them to maintain their savage culture and to group up as abscesses in the body of the people is beyond stupid or negligent. It is self hating evil done on innocents by psychotics.

  5. What’s it going to take to make Great Britain wake the hell up? Will Muslims have to murder, rape, and rob thousands of journalists, teachers, and politicians? If that works in Great Britain, send those savage Muslims to democrat cities in America. They”re headed down the same path.

  6. What’s there to know?

    They don’t believe in themselves so no one else does either.

    They’ve been judged for every historical wrong and agreed that they don’t deserve to exist anymore.

    It will happen here too if you send your kids to public schools and lay down a house mortgage to credential them in Anti-Americanism.

  7. Last year my daughter’s school cancelled the Europe trip because of parent lack of interest & support. We did not like the security threat that the major cities represented.

    Instead, they went to New York City. It was great, money was sent to USA (an ally), and it was still in relatively good shape from Giuliani’s clean up!

    I will never go to Europe again. My buddy just returned from Paris and said the whole city stinks of piss.


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