School Wrestler Takes Down Violent Suspect


A New Mexico high school wrestler delivered his best performance Wednesday after stopping an alleged kidnapping by pinning the suspect inside a convenience store, according to local witnesses.

Canaan Bower, 16, was filling his truck at a gas station in Doña Ana, New Mexico, when he noticed a struggle across the street. More 

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  1. …Good on him, but my God, what happened with THESE folks?

    “…The suspect also assaulted bystanders trying to intervene….”

    …who, apparently, just decided they’d had enough and lost interest in further activity? The article doesn’t record if he killed them, knocked them out, or if they just wussed out after a token slap. Too, didn’t anyone work at the convenience store? Any customers? LOTS of long, hard, heavy, and pointy things available in a convenience store, also hot water, acids, caustics…its a veritable ARSENAL of found weapons if you don’t think you’re strong enough…

    …don’t get me wrong, I’ve been an “intervener” in full-on domestic fur balls, and it is VERY unpleasant, VERY physical, you DO get bloody, and the contestants don’t care if you’re wearing a uniform or not, they’re pretty tunnel visioned at the time.

    That doesn’t mean you just say, “oh that MEANIE!” and just let the shark have his swimmer. At least, I don’t, for a LOT of different reasons you don’t hit a woman around ME, and you’d have to knock me out to continue the assault on her to boot, and even then, I’d fall forward on you and barf all over your face, if I could.

    But I belong to a different era. Maybe the kids aren’t like that now, although THIS fellow would seem to suggest that SOME still are…

    …but it seems to me that the subtext here is the continuing pussification of America, where someone gets a fat lip and just hopes a 16 year old flies in from somewhere, or something…

    …we don’t hear that anyone else helped.

    …but I’ll bet you lunch that there were a dozen people holding sail phones out getting a video for Worldstar, or whatever the Hispanic equivalent is…

  2. …waiting for the perp to prosecute for the choke hold. They don’t even let the Police do that any more.

    …and it’s not a valid wrestling move any more either, just sayin’…

  3. I’m going to save the infighting in future posts and just going to go ahead and say “Bad Brad is gay”

  4. You probably won’t hear about this on the MSM, they prefer we no longer have heroes to look up to.

  5. Hey SNS….remember the Vern Gagne sleeper hold?. Choke holds are encouraged in MMA, but MMA does have some standards, No eye poking, no kicking in the head if your opponent has a hand or knee on the ground. You can kick your opponents head any time and as much that you’d like otherwise…..and no punching or kicking in the ‘boyz’….

  6. ….and we don’t know the race of the participants, but if the perp were a POC, at least SOME of those post-hoc phone wielders were hoping the cops would be meanies when THEY got there, so they could yell “rayciss” on the media that night…there’s always SOME…

    …I remember a reducto ad absurism of that impulse once, before sail phones even could stream. The first time a Black guy broke into someone’s house and got arrested after the Cincinnati 2000 riots, there were a HERD of poverty-pimpin’ “community activists” ALL over the media, reassuring “the People” that they were keeping a CLOSE eye on the police, that they had constant contact with the “man” (didn’t call him a “perp”) and that he was in good spirits and doing well but that he felt like the police were pretty rough…

    …mind you, this is talking about the THIEF. Nothing about the EQUALLY Black person he was raiding, nothing about the CRIME he had been committing, just “omygod, a Black man has been taken by the Police, make sure he’s all right and hang THEM.


    …that mentality hasn’t gotten any BETTER, but since there’s been no doxxing of the kid or angry marches against the Police, I can only assume they, eh, looked similar.

    Because in this day and age, law and order is racist.

    You know why?

    Because EVERYTHING’S raycciisss…

  7. willysgoatgruff
    MARCH 28, 2020 AT 1:43 PM

    …that’s MMA, this kid’s a high school wrestler, so it doesn’t seem like they’d teach HIM an “official” choke hold, just so they wouldn’t get sued bu OTHER kids’ snowflake parents.

    …and if you’re MMA and a guy can get even a triangle choke on you, you should probably be thinking about a different career, just sayin’…

  8. “…Online records indicate that Beltran was arrested in early March on charges of DUI and leaving the scene of an accident.

    About a week earlier, he was picked up for another DUI, drug possession and resisting arrest with physical force…”

    Me thinks there is more to this story than what is initially being reported.

  9. @stirrin — Yeah, there is. Sanctuary state. He’ll be back on the street in a couple days. If it’s like SF, even if he kills someone he’ll never face a jury.

  10. One can only hope that the perp is on his way for a date with the Taxpayer relief shot in the near future.

  11. Wish the lady with the bottle would have done what she wanted to. Think the kid may have saved the perp.😉

  12. wonky honky

    See how you are? Just for that I’m not saving your butt next time some illegal alien starts beating your ass.

  13. Hey Brad been around a while, and glad you are back commenting. I was a wrestler and can defend my self just fine for an aging fart. Whenever a post involving wrestling came up in the past it always devolved into Bad Brad is gay. Just busting your balls a bit and hoping you are well.(for an asshole)

  14. wonky honky

    It’s a great sport. It’s more than disturbing to here talk of removing all wrestling from the Olympics and replacing them with Synchronized Belly Button Lint Knitting and similar bull shit.


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