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School’s Out For Streaking Teacher

EAG News: WORCESTER, Mass. – A gym teacher at Rice Square Elementary School was hauled by police to the hospital after students allege he stripped off all his clothes and ran around the school Tuesday.

“Knowing that a naked guy coming at me is threatening me is kind of scary,” 12-year-old Marco Girardi told WHDH.

Girardi was playing basketball with his friends Tuesday afternoon when he said his former gym teacher appeared by a fence and started shouting at them.

“He was against the pole and he was naked yelling at us, like ‘I’m going to get you one day. Why didn’t you watch these children’ and stuff,” Girardi said.

The student called 911 and his father, who lives nearby and came outside to see the man pull off his pants and bolt down the road.

“He was banging on windows,” Franco Girardi told the news site. “People were driving, trying to avoid him.”


Snip: Photo is not the actual teacher. [At least I don’t think it is…]

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  1. We need more laws to protect the mentally ill from this kind of treatment by backwards thinking bigots.
    Luckily both Punch and Judy are solidly behind the movement started by Obama to force those bigots to accept the actions of the mentally ill as normal.
    Not allowing insane people to do whatever they want is discriminatory and denies civil rights to this very important voting block.

  2. As long as he “identifies” as naked, I don’t see the problem …

    These “children” need to be compelled to attend sensitivity training … by naked teachers.

    izlamo delenda est …

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