Schumer Claims He’s A Target Of Forged Document Claiming Sexual Harassment

DailyCaller: Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer contacted Capitol Hill Police Tuesday after encountering a forged document describing allegations of sexual harassment charges by a former staffer, Axios reported.

The 13 page document sent to Axios and other media outlets was dated from 2012 with the file name “Schumer_Complaint.” Although the document had the look of an official lawsuit filed in in the District of Columbia, no attorney is named.

Additionally, the allegation claims one incident happened in Washington D.C. on a day when Schumer was actually in New York City and another incident happened in D.C. when he was in France.

The former staffer, now a career employee in the federal government, told Axios none of the charges listed were true and her signature was forged. The former staffer, after being informed by Axios of the document, said she plans to go to law enforcement to follow up.

SNIP: Whaaaaat? It’s all there on paper! Forged or not, that makes no difference!  Has the ‘former staffer’ been threatened to say her signature was forged? For shame, Sen. Schumer. For shame! ALL women must be believed! Hell, all documents must be believed!
We demand investigations! Senator Schumer, you must resign! And only then will you be allowed to prove your innocence.
Because that’s how it works now.

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  1. I am sure his wife would tell you that pawing, groping, excessive amounts of saliva and abrasions are just common occurrences being around Chuck.

  2. and Schumer publicizing this now benefits what? It’s a little too late to climb on the me too wagon. Does he think some reporter is going to dig this up?
    Why now?

  3. Schumer never misses an opportunity to be in the forefront, regardless of the issue. Don’t stand in front of the camera, he’ll knock you down. Camera shy he isn’t.

  4. How DARE He! This public ridicule of a victim is just the emotional form of another RAPE! His use of his wealthy access to the forces of government violence to silence his victim is no different than MS-13 threatening to kill a witness’ family if she tells her truth! Senator Franken was a typical male predator. But at least he had the professional decency to not attack his victims a second time just because he is a United States Senator! #NotOurSenator Schumer needs to be cast out by the exact same coalition that removed Senator Franken IMMEDIATELY! This gross perversion of privilege is worse than even the allegations against Senator Franken and MUST be treated even MORE HARSHLY!

  5. Boy, the headline for this story seems familiar. If it wasn’t believable before, why now? Oh yeah. Democrat.

  6. Yeah, I smell a ‘rat. Planted false allegations with provable bad info. Used as an insurance policy against real, future allegations being brought against Schumer by the many Congressional pages and interns.

  7. Sounds to me like Schumer is trying to something off at the pass.

    What’s good for Moore is good enough for Schumer. Sauce for the goose. Schumer’s days may be numbered.


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