Schumer Rejects McConnell’s Proposal for a 3-Week Budget With an Immigration Debate

Big Government- Democratic leader Sen. Chuck Schumer immediately rejected a last-minute offer by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who said Sunday evening that he could schedule an amnesty debate if the Democrats stopped their filibuster of 2018 government funding bill.

Schumer’s immediate rejection, however, does not kill McConnell’s proposal, which will be voted on midday on Monday, the first business day of the Democrat-enforced government shutdown. The proposal, if passed, would allow a three-week stopgap 2018 budget lasting until February 8.

Schumer can personally vote against the McConnell proposal while quietly encouraging its passage. If Schumer lets roughly seven Democratic Senators switch sides, then McConnell’s three-week budget stopgap plan would go to the House for approval.  read more



9 Comments on Schumer Rejects McConnell’s Proposal for a 3-Week Budget With an Immigration Debate

  1. Shmuck Scummer needs the shut down because in his unstable disconnected brain he thinks it will distract from the FISA memo release that is looming. He is trying to manage a catastrophe of failure and self destruction by the suicidal demorats and hes not doing well.

  2. McCONnell brings forward concessions.
    I wouldn’t recognize McCONnell if he weren’t bending over backwards or on his knees trying his very best to be bi-partisan on a fully partisan issue.
    McCONnell has no interest in leading the charge to pass President Trump’s agenda.
    Between what is good for the Nation versus bi-partisanship, the Nation must come first.

  3. Invoke the Reid Option.
    Bypass this Traitorous Globalist.

    Schumer has publicly chosen the interests of the illegal-alien invading rat-people over American citizens – now we (Americans) need to hammer it home.

    New York deserves him – America doesn’t.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Quit trying to make deals, lock all the Gov’t bureaucrats out and craft agreements they MUST sign before being allowed back to work stating: beginning now they all have 10 years Gov’t service left and ALL new hires will be allowed only 10 years of service, after which ALL, no exceptions, must return to civilian jobs. Let’s begin pruning that tree! Next up…the politicians.

  5. Continuing Resolutions are a cop out designed by congress critters to look like their doing something. What happen to a year long budget? We, the people, have not had a budget passed since 2009 and then it was a pork laden Omnibus spending bill. We send representatives to DC to solve problems reasonably and ethically not to continue to pass the buck. The citizens of the USA deserve much more than we are getting and are getting tired of inefficiency, immorality and stupid posturing by minority parties. In other words, standard Washington bullshit. I can guarantee that you Washington pukes will hear from us in November, if not sooner.


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