Schumer Rushes The Podium


The foot race prompted more laughter than surprise.

As he inched his way in front of Republican McConnell, Schumer called his move “the prerogative of the majority!”

McConnell later quipped, “You all remember what they used to say about Chuck over in the House: you never want to get in the way of Chuck and a camera.” More

Did Schumer actually say anything newsworthy? Here

19 Comments on Schumer Rushes The Podium

  1. It is similar to pieces of crap in the toilet bowl, it makes no difference once the flusher is activated.
    They will both be in the same place.

  2. The prerogative of the majority, unless the Republicans are in charge in which case the polite thing would be to let the Democrats go first.

  3. McCONnell leads the GOP with a last place finish when they’re in a Majority or minority.
    Mitch is the quickest to bend over of either party.

  4. Mitch the Bitch your part of the problem asshat. 🀨

    As for Chuck once a schmuck, always a schmuck.
    Makes your skin crawl. 😑

  5. Charles Schittmer is nothing more than a lowlife pedophile who for years accepted “protection” money from fellow pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. For some years Schittmer has tried to appear “righteous” while hiding his child molesting activities.

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