Schumer: Trump Will Hold Part of Government ‘Hostage’ ‘For a Petty Campaign Pledge’ – IOTW Report

Schumer: Trump Will Hold Part of Government ‘Hostage’ ‘For a Petty Campaign Pledge’


During a speech on the Senate floor on Wednesday, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) stated that President Trump has signaled his willingness to hold part of the government “hostage” in the name of “a petty campaign pledge to fire up his base.”

Schumer said, “President Trump made clear, he’ll hold parts of the government hostage for a petty campaign pledge to fire up his base.”


21 Comments on Schumer: Trump Will Hold Part of Government ‘Hostage’ ‘For a Petty Campaign Pledge’

  1. Only a Far Left Liberal whom has been openly pushing Open Borders and Globalism would consider a promise to secure our borders and defend our country a petty issue.

  2. That’s the difference between a business man and a politician. To the former, his word is his bond. To the latter, any lie told to secure office is not only acceptable, but it is to be praised. Just look at Harry Reid and his “Romney paid no taxes” liable on the Senate floor.

  3. Ah, yes…hostage taking. Like shutting down the government to ensure Planned Parenthood gets 3% of its blood money from taxpayers.

    I think the word that is eluding him is “principled”. It is a principled stand to not compromise on a promise you made in a campaign.

    He wants a No New Taxes redux.

  4. President Trump would say that the so-called “Petty Campaign Pledge” is a promise to the American people that he intends to keep! Only a disingenuous democRAT would consider a promise as something insignificant and petty, something they’ve demonstrated time and again for over half-a-century by selling their brand of Hope and Change Snake oil® where nothing ever changes and Hope is left bleeding on the streets!

  5. Schumer stays in office because NY City idiots who love globalism keep voting for him. When they get another World Trade Center mess from someone sneaking in over our wall-less border they’ll keep blindly voting for the fool because they can’t connect dots.

  6. It wasn’t a “petty’ issue when Clinton, both Clintons, Obama, and Schumer were “talking” about the importance of Border Security some years ago (1966 through Nov. 8, 2016) Now it is a “petty” issue?
    President Trump is acting on it and the Open Borders Bastards are showing their true colors. They don’t want a border; they want to continue Obama’s handiwork- fundamentally changing America.
    The media, Lemon, Cuomo, Cooper, O’Donnell, Toobin, etc, along with the demorat socialists are going after President Trump with both barrels. There will be no let up.I honestly believe that if we lose our President, we lose our Great Country. God Help US.

  7. Do you even math, brah?

    If it’s “petty”, and the “parts of the government” it will shut down are important (clearly not “petty” – certainly not “petty” on the taxpayers’ dimes), then a reasonable person, an honest person, a person trying to do what’s right (for the people), would agree (and sign the deal before that “petty” schmuck realized what a bad deal he’d demanded).

    Unless Schmuckles is just an incorrigible liar.

  8. Chuck, Once a political hack, always a political hack.

    Always looking for a political advantage at the expense of safety for our citizens and country.

  9. Thanks for letting us know what demons think of campaign PROMISES, dirtbag.
    One more reason we’re glad we voted for the big guy, and will again.

  10. Holding his enemy’s paychecks
    (90% of Federal workers hate Trump)
    hostage to their constitutional
    duty while broadcasting their vile
    behavior on national TV is the move
    of a “Master of The Message”.
    They still don’t realize how
    deadly was his strike against them .

  11. What’s the difference between shutting it down and letting a corrupt, dysfunctional Federal Government continue to operate? $$$!

    Keep the military and border people on the payroll, however.

  12. Hey Nancy, aren’t you supposed to be playing “Mom” here?

    Well “Chuckie” is saying bad things about “Donnie”. I think Chuckie needs a time-out. Or maybe dont let Chuckie have his cookie

  13. Sorry, Schmucky……. shutting down the government is no big deal. Most of it is pretty useless anyway. The only real problem is the taxpayers never save any money, and the gov’t “workers” get a paid vacation.


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