Schweizer: Sanders’ Family Has ‘Become Quite Wealthy Through His Public Service’


During an interview with CBS 12 on Friday, Breitbart News senior contributor and Government Accountability Institute President Peter Schweizer, the author of the book Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite, stated that 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) family has “become quite wealthy through his public service.”

Schweizer said, “I found that, really, over the course of 30 years, beginning when he was mayor of Burlington, VT, when he was in Congress, later, when he was in the U.S. Senate, he has steered lots of money to his family. Sometimes taxpayer money, sometimes campaign money. So, his family’s become quite wealthy through his public service.” watch

9 Comments on Schweizer: Sanders’ Family Has ‘Become Quite Wealthy Through His Public Service’

  1. The problem with politics is that you could enter just about anybody’s name from either party in this story and most likely be correct.

  2. Every tin-horn dictator, tyrant and king throughout the history of the world has enriched himself and his loyal inner circle at the expense of the population they rule over. The lure of massive amounts of power and public wealth is too great to resist. Just look to the past to see our future. And make no mistake about it, we are no longer governed, we are ruled over.

  3. I see all these institutes, like the above, “Government Accountability Institute”.

    Who pays for these? DC must have hundreds of them.

  4. Is it any surprise? – The Castro family in Cuba and Maduro in Venezuela have done quite well in their socialist utopia too.
    Doesn’t look like Kim Jung Un has ever missed a meal or worked a day in his life either.

  5. In his book “The Republic”, written around 370 BC, Plato describes the proper living quarters for any man elected to serve in a political position as being a military barracks.
    It is still a GREAT Idea.
    It’s a pity the Founders didn’t see the lifetime sinecure
    jobs in Get Rich Quick DC as a possibility and toss this
    into our Constitution.


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