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Science is Compliance


Healthcare consumes one-fifth of GDP, so here’s a very strange warning from Politico:

Physicians who see long Covid patients say the condition underscores the fragility of the American health care system, including how difficult it is for people to access care and how hard it is for doctors to learn about emerging conditions.

Our $3.7 trillion medical system is characterized by its fragility, the narrative says, with patients who can’t get treatment and doctors who can’t learn. So what’s gone wrong? Here’s the headline, with a whole universe of silly assumptions baked into every word:

Things have gone horribly wrong in American medicine; for example, “physicians are sharing ideas.”

I’m just taking a moment to stare at my own sentence. Be right back.

Anyway, medicine is broken — doctors are thinking. Sick people show up to see them, and they try to figure it out themselves by using, like, evidence and diagnostic practice and their medical knowledge. Lacking government directives, physicians are living with a horrible system in which they have to assess sick people and come up with their own answers about their illnesses and the best course of treatment. And so, Politico reports, networks of doctors are gathering to share data and work collaboratively, a sure sign that things have gone horribly wrong: more

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  1. “Physicians who see long Covid patients …”
    What about the physicians who see short Covid patients?
    What do they do?

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  2. Tater Boi is tearing down everything the United States ever stood for and worked for and a large part of it centers around driving up costs with inflation, over-the-top spending and looting the treasury to help it all along! It is also proof that any Asshole can destroy something, but it takes time, talent, brains, hard work and dedication to actually build something!
    Trump: Builds things.
    Jackass Joe and his perverse collection of freaks and fruitcakes destroy things.
    It’s just that simple!

  3. Gov’t ruined healthcare. Now, you are on your own. Only go to a doctor in an ambulance.

  4. Healthcare was waaaaay cheaper, before it was FREE.

  5. I used to have a family doctor until O’bummer care kicked in about 10 years ago and now he’s retired after 40 + years as a family physician.

  6. Doctors turning to the government for answers and permission is the result of the corporatizing of our healthcare industry. It is now being run by lawyers, accountants and CEO’s. Decisions are being made to meet the best interest of the healthcare provider and not necessarily of the patient. The government becomes the liability shield for the healthcare providers. If the government (e.g., CDC, FDA, NAID, etc.) says “X” protocol is okay to pursue, but”Y” is not, then who are you going to sue, short of gross negligence or malpractice?

  7. Back when I worked as a copier technician, we had a guy on our team who could service twice the number of copiers in one day than the average tech. After a few months on the team, I found out why:

    All his service calls were of a common break-fix type—nothing unusual, and requiring tools and parts he carried in his car. He had committed his entire service procedure to muscle memory so he could complete his calls quickly.

    But if he couldn’t assess what the issue was within the first couple minutes, he would close his call, then place another call on the machine and assign it to another technician, because he lacked the ability to diagnose problems beyond a subset of common issues.

    I was really hoping there weren’t doctors that were like that guy, but I guess I was wrong…

  8. TN Tuxedo – Reminds me of an old phone company story about working the system –
    Squirrels would chew through the insulation of the wires resulting in either an outage or deteriorated operation. Since you weren\’t going to get rid of the squirrels, they would repair the line, then put peanut butter on the fix. That way the next time it happened (and invariably would be a next time) they knew right where to go!
    Down times and repair times went down!

  9. There used to be small private owned Dr. practices that prided themselves on doing a great job and often were not able to take on new customers due to taking care of the ones they already had. Due to Obola Care and all the paperwork involved, requirements… all the services are now run by big hospital and major medical corps. The “health” insurance insurance companies are complicit as well. If you are self employed you are probably better off not paying for health insurance and going to a witch doctor if you chop something off or are actually dying.

  10. I wouldn’t trust my doctor as far as I can spit. That came to be as a result of the fucker spewing out the govt line during the Covid scam.

  11. Doctors are churned out of the same schools that churn out lawyers.
    In my very limited experience, surgeons are REAL doctors and the rest are quacks who seem to work from a playbook.

    “Do you smoke?”
    “How many cigarettes a day?”
    “I don’t smoke cigarettes.”
    “Well, you should quit.”

    Respiratory doctor, urologist, orthopedic, radiologist, high blood-pressure guy, cholesterol woman, same shit – every time.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  12. What everyone is talking about are MDs but a 100 years ago there were many different methods of medical practice. Naturopaths, chiropractors, osteopaths, homeopaths, herbalists…all were vying for patients.

    Along came Carnigie & Rockefeller looking to corner the medical/drug market. Using a report called the Flexnor Study, they ginned up a public outcry against every kind of medicine and forced Congress to pass a law making the AMA the sole entity that could license Doctors.

    Overnight every medical college that taught anything but pharmaceutical medicine lost their accreditation. An MD prescribes drugs that treat symptoms but does not cure.

    The list of diseases that a naturopath CURES is staggering yet these doctors are ostracized. There’s a reason we spend Trillions uselessly.

    And don’t get me going about the utter lack of nutritional education MDs receive.

  13. They’re not doctors anymore. They’re test-runners, pill-pushers and data collectors for the government and Big Pharma. I choose not to participate anymore.

    My dad, who will be 88 next month, fell in Walmart two weeks ago. It wasn’t a balance problem H tripped over a bag of cat food on the floor behind him. A customer saw it and asked if he was okay. He said yes, then got up, paid for his purchase and left. He did not want any “help”, such as ambulances, paramedics and fire trucks swooping in and carrying him off to the hospital to poke, prod, x-ray and prescribe opioids.

    He has not seen a doctor in fifteen years, preferring to diagnose and treat based on a big, thick book put out years ago by Merck, if you can believe it. The book is full of commonsense knowledge and illustrations, and it will tell you if the best thing is simply to take it easy. Which is exactly what it said for him to do, as it was, worst case a minor pelvic fracture, or possibly a pulled groin muscle. He was in pain for a week, but nothing that Ibuprofen couldn’t handle. He has no doubt that if he’d gotten caught up in the system, he’d have been fighting his way out of the hospital tooth and nail.

    I and my sister have promised to honor his wish not to die in a hospital if or when the time comes. Our medical system is not what it used to be, if it ever was all that in the first place. There are still many good doctors, nurses and pharmacist, but the system has been corrupted and the ones who want to think for themselves are being slowly replaced by political doctrinaires.


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