Science Leaders ‘Display’ Imported Lab Workers amid Jobless U.S. Graduates

Breitbart: Science managers are displaying their imported lab workers, even though many American science graduates cannot get jobs in their profession.

The display was slammed on June 25 by venture capitalist Eric Weinstein, a noted critic of the cheap-labor hiring policies of U.S. science managers.

The mass hiring of foreign labor has pushed many Americans out of science careers, just as mass migration and illegal immigration has pushed many blue-collar Americans out of jobs, homes, and careers.

“Of the entire [American technology] workforce, only about a third of those with STEM [science, technology, engineering, or math] degrees are employed in STEM jobs,” according to testimony provided by Hal Salzman, a workforce professor, to a Senate committee on February 25, 2020. He told the Senate’s judiciary committee: more

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  1. Helgelian principle at work. Create the problem (inferior ecucation) and provide the solution (foreign workers). Thank-you progressive assholes.

  2. Heck, we are not only importing them we are training them instead of Americans (quickest way to add POC to your program) who also pay full out of state tuition.

    From our local state funded Indiana Engineering University Program.

    “The Purdue Engineering community is a diverse environment, 49% of the faculty and 18% of the student body being international.” Why are so many of the professors international you ask, probably because the kept extending their student visa and winding up with a PHD because they could not get one of the H-1B slots.

    More helpful info from the website:
    “What you need to know about H-1B
    If you have already decided that your career plan is to obtain an H-1B visa, there are a few things you should know first. This document will provide you with SOME BASIC information and a good plan for a future H-1B application. There is no guarantee that you will obtain an H-1B visa by following these suggestions. In fact, there are a very limited number of H-1B visas available each year and you should prepare for an alternative career path in case you do not find yourself in a situation where an H-1B is possible.

    The Numbers
    There are 85,000 H-1B visas awarded each year through the CAP system. There are about 900,000 international students studying in the United States this year. Not all applicants are students. NOTE: there are not enough H-1B visas for all candidates. In 2014 there were more than twice as many applicants as visas available.

    About the H-1B Visa
    H-1B is the most common work visa in the United States. Using this category, U.S. employers are permitted to hire international graduates who have at least a four-year college degree, if they will work in a position requiring their specific college degree.

    Duration: An H-1B visa is valid initially for up to three years and can be extended an additional three years for a total of six years. There are also complicated rules for seeking extensions beyond six years for foreign nationals who have started the process of applying for lawful permanent residence.”

  3. Import workers and export jobs, the Democratic way. Big tech is all in on this.
    The Omaha Public Schools board has approved the purchase of about 54,400 iPads for all OPS students,$27.6 million. The purchase will be made largely with money from the federal corona virus relief bill known as the CARES Act.
    This is just one school.

    How many workers work for Apple in China? 4.8 million jobs.
    Does Apple use child labor? Apple uses child labour, they have even admitted to it.
    But it’s OK because…………

  4. Throughout my career, I have had to work contract engineering jobs often being supervised by H1-B visa types. They are just cheaper so they get the permanent positions, it is the norm. This program has been a disaster for American professionals as well as American companies. Statistically, engineering projects have become way more expensive and take much longer to accomplish due to the low quality of foreign engineers. They sold us out.

  5. Y’All are missing the key and most insidious detail of the H1-B visa. They can’t quit and take another job. If they do, they have 30 days to leave. Piss me off, I leave and take all my knowledge to your competitor. The history of Silicon Valley is littered with stories where someone got skipped for a promotion or raise, or worse management didn’t recognize the value of an idea… An employee left, starts a company and proceeds to strip mine all the good engineers out of their former company to make the next new thing…

    Big tech companies love having indentured employees. For a little light reading on the reasoning:

    Any of those names seem familiar?

  6. even though many American science graduates cannot get jobs in their profession

    Really? How many American “science graduates” does The United States mint? On a yearly basis?

    I’m not handing my wallet to the next bankster that insists he deserves “my” money, because he supports (not “demands”, not “funds”, merely “supports”) Chinese buying United States titles be given jobs, instead of Chinese Chinese.

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