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He’ll work for the government, for sure.


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  1. Sawdust is an ingredient in grated cheeses. To stop clumping or something. It would take more sawdust than rice krispy treat to stop sticky sugar from sticking. ‘Grated sticky-free rice krispy treat’, mmmmmmmMM.m, *drool*

  2. Sawdust: All natural. Low fat. Zero calories. High fiber. No trans fat. No added sugar. No cholesterol.

    What’s not to like?

  3. Government, hell! He’ll go to work for McDonalds, figuring out ways to make that horsemeat go further.


  4. Well, the Chinese got away with plastics in all kinds of food/candy. And didn’t they also put nonfood stuff in milk products? During WWII the British people were convinced their gov’t had added gypsum to the flour when making the only bread available, “National Loaf.” And paraffin and glycerine were commonly used to extend strictly rationed fats for home baking.

    One of my favorite tee vee programs about food rationing in WWII Britain:

    These guys are hilarious. Trust me, you’ll enjoy it.

  5. He has a good look . Needs to change to a clip on tie and add a pocket protector.

  6. The Mormon leader Joseph Smith is on the bottom right. This says alot about this guys critical thinking skills

  7. @AA – that video was fun…and informative. I love history, especially that of how real people lived. I knew about wartime rationing, of course, but I didn’t know that Britain planned their rationing to make the populace healthier.

  8. Taco Bell’s got him beat! A few years ago they took their beef content down to 35% before anyone discovered it!
    But wait, there’s more!
    Just a few years earlier the democRATs sold the American people on a President filled with 100% Bullshit and said “You gotta a beef wid dat?”

  9. His previous project, The Tide Pod Challenge, was instrumental in developing the benefits of sawdust fillers.

  10. I shoulda said the democRAT experiment was to see how much bullshit you could pump into a Kenyan Creampuff before most people noticed. They got it up to 100%.

  11. My answer:
    Sander dust – probably a lot.
    Band saw dust – a little less.
    Miter saw dust – probably not much.
    Chain saw dust – those chunks are bigger than the rice!

  12. Well, in a similar vein: “How Many Lies and Bullshit Can You Put in News Before People Notice?” has been an ongoing experiment for 100 years.

    Weird how pointing out facts is startling and/or controversial.

    izlamo delenda est …

  13. Test … l hated science fair projects … it was mandatory
    This is something I wish l would’ve thought of …. just use my little brother as test subject …. ‘tweek’ the data to make it look like 10 or so test subjects (just like real surveys &polls!) & ta-da! …. science fair project in one rainy afternoon!

  14. @Riverlife_Callie — I’m glad you liked it! Too funny, these two. I don’t remember the year(s) this program was on, I found it on YT a while back. But it’s an entertaining and informative program. I hope you get a chance, if you haven’t already, to watch all the segments.


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