Scientific America Reverses Gears – Now They Say the Earth is Getting Cooler

The best part of this transition period is watching the contradictory articles published by these political hacks. I just read last week in a lefty alarmist periodical that the ice in the north pole is thinner than ever. I guess they didn’t get the memo that they should have pivoted by now.
“About 2 weeks ago Scientific American made the absurd anti-science claim that global warming was causing the political unrest in Iran. Upon further reflection they now believe that the globe is not warming at all, but rather cooling. I’ve seen porto-potties at a chili cook-off that are less full of shit than the editors of this “scientific” magazine.”
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  1. I’ve always said it would be great if I could relive the 70’s again. I didn’t mean the stupid parts.

  2. if they really were scientific they would focus on cosmic acts of mass extinction instead of the phony man made warming bs.

    if a problems solution isn’t solved by increasing enslavement of the human population some how it’s not a real problem.

    the human race has previously survived several extinction events, barely, and been able to re-establish itself.

    none of them has been man made.

  3. SA is basically coming to the ultimate point of the global warming cult, set out years ago. They’re trying to claim that the massive amounts of shit that those dirty fucks in China belch into the air is some kind of fucking public service. That was the goal all along, i.e. replacing real environmental policy geared towards particulate air pollution with fake policy geared toward CO2, which isn’t a pollutant in the first place. The “scientific community” and the leaders of the envirotards were easily bought off like the pathetic whores they are, but most people can figure out it’s bullshit because they’ve got no stake in the scam whatsoever. So the scam relies on brainwashing children and idiot housewives and faggot beta males to keep alive politically.

  4. “We don’t know if it’s getting warmer, cooler, or staying the same but you better let us control every aspect of your lives just to be safe.”

  5. So in reality, pollution increases, things stay the same; pollution decreases, things stay the same. That’s the only +/- logic I can apply to their argument without my head exploding.

  6. @Frank January 24, 2018 at 8:42 am

    > A Thousand Private Jets Deliver Globalist Elite to Davos for Climate Change Summit

    How about a native (not, necessarily, Native) American, all in? If Kim Jong Un can drop a working atomic on Davos, before the exodus, he can have his choice of Most Favored Nation status for the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, or we’ll add his face to Mount Rushmore. And we’ll be more determined than differently documented New Americans™ on DACA! Pinky swear!

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