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Scientific American Article Criticizing Floyd Autopsy Lacks Pathology Or Forensic Expertise

I recommend skimming the article, it’s an opinion piece meant to  discredit the official Hennepin county autopsy of George Floyd. Here

The pieces is co-authored by 12 individuals; seven psychiatrist, four  emergency medical physicians and one internal medicine specialist. No where in the piece do the authors actually discuss the specifics of the examination of Floyd’s reminds where the examiners were mistaken in their findings. It instead attacks the conclusion of those findings because it fails to support the assertion that the victim suffocated due to “traumatic asphyxiation.”  Leaving this critic of the critics to ask “who’s gas-lighting who here?”


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  1. Tony R, true.

    The entire argument, however, isn’t worth having. The physiology of why Floyd died doesn’t matter unless it can be proved that he would have died at the same time in the same way if he had not been in custody getting a blood choke.

    You have someone in custody like that, you are responsible for his well-being. Chauvin would have had to be deaf, blind and retarded to not recognize that the guy was in extremis and do something about it.

  2. It may have been Chauvin’s knee that was causative in Floyd’s death, but the racism test was negative

  3. learned a long, long time ago … in a night class far away …

    ‘expert’ … 2 syllables, pronounced “x”, “spurt”

    ‘X’ is defined as an unknown quantity
    ‘Spurt’ is a drip under pressure

    today’s ‘experts’ have brought us Global Cooling, Global Warming, Global Cooling Climate Change, Nuclear Winter, Acid Rain, Hillary Clinton’s Presidency (love that one, in particular), Kalifornia sliding into the sea (since my childhood), Japan taking over the world economy (see ‘Die Hard’), & how many times the stock market will crash & burn, the Artic melting, sea levels rising, & so many others that I have forgotten … “it’s settled science!”

    next time the ‘experts’ tell you you must change your behavior to save the owls, the seals, snail darters, the turtles, the whales, the kittens, Mother Gaia, … tell ’em to lock themselves in their houses for the next 10 years …. & be sure to wear your f*ckin’ face diaper!!! … it’s for their own good … because we care

  4. Of the 12 authors of the article, 10 appear to be females.

    Female liberals are bad. Male liberals are even worse, but there are probably less of them. Male and female liberal MDs are selling tainted medicine.

    We don’t have a future with liberals running the show.

  5. This sentence from the article is classic lib-speak. The word “co-opt” is from the sixties, at least that’s the first time I heard it. It was one of the left’s favorite words then, and I guess it’s making a comeback:

    “Often, we stand by while other agents co-opt our frameworks, obscure our research and weaponize our language in the service of oppression.”

  6. I can’t even see the autopsy in my rearview mirror. Must be back there, somewhere in the billowing clouds of smoke. But thank you for sticking with it, Scientific American.

  7. Psychiatry co-opted rational and sane thought many years ago! It is a worthless scam organization and has caused untold damage and destruction to morality, society and individual and personal self worth! Append to it no value or worth and consider its practitioners defective and warped!

  8. @Janitor

    He would be alive had he not been arrested in the first place. He would be alive had he not fought the police in the second place.

    I have never been arrested in my life. It’s not difficult to stay out of trouble and be a good citizen. If I ever get arrested, I would not pick a fight with four police officers.

    OTOH, I’m sure Floyd did not want to die. But he made disastrous choices, probably during his entire life. If he is not responsible for his life, who else should be?

  9. @Dr. NO

    We can blame Freud for that. He popularized it. It is another 19th century creation that has caused pain and horror ever since.

    I look at it this way: psychiatry is supported by neurotic, depressed, crazy people, not sane people. Sane people have no use for it.

    My sister had “emotional” problems for years. The doctors kept telling her: “You must admit you are sick in the head…you will never get better till you admit that”.

    Well, guess what? She fervently believed she was neurotic. And she never got better.

  10. The twelve authors say:

    “Often, we stand by while other agents co-opt our frameworks, obscure our research and weaponize our language in the service of oppression.”

    I did not see any evidence of “obscuration of research” in their article. There are no references to any other works that may show that such a thing exists. They provided no research at all to support their position. It’s all similar to CNN Headlines and Talking Points.

  11. We shall soon be in a world in which a man may be howled down for saying that two and two make four, in which people will persecute the heresy of calling a triangle a three-sided figure, and hang a man for maddening a mob with the news that grass is green.

    G K Chesterton Illustrated London News August 14, 1926

  12. @TimBuktu:

    Not necessarily true. Some cops are stupid. The cops in my small town are particularly stupid. In 30 years, every encounter with them for whatever, they’ve been wrong and/or incompetent and/or unhelpful. Now they avoid me because I’ve given them a whatfor after their last f’up. A decade ago now, one of my sons came home from college where he was a senior honors student in order to escort his brother to “R Day” at West Point, because I couldn’t make it. All packed, and having to leave early the next morning, he decided to do his usual morning run late that night. He ran through a park near our house where, ironically, he had put in hundreds of volunteer hours for the city when he was a teenager. Apparently some local children had been periodically hanging out there late at night setting fires or smoking weed or whatever. Who knew. And they were back that night. And, apparently, the cops were in the park, frustrated because they had been unable to catch the scattered kids “again”. As my son ran through the park, completely oblivious, the cops decided to nab him, wouldn’t listen to reason, threw him into the cage (I guess because of his scary size), and hauled him to jail overnight. It took $1500 legal fees to prove to the prosecutor that there was no probable cause so that no charges were pursued — but he did have to spend a night in jail. A couple of years later, it was a pain in the ass again when he applied to OCS and we had to get the “records” of what had wrongfully transpired. There are a lot more details to the story, but suffice to say just remembering what happened makes my blood boil. (By the way, my kid is red-blond Irish. If we were black, would we assume “raycism”?) The cops here are flat-out ill-trained idiots. And I say this as someone who once worked as a cop in a large metropolitan area for a couple of years.

  13. and- ‘what’s in their wallets?’
    maybe a counterfeit 20 or two?
    properly laundered by the time they got it

    where did the counterfeit 20 dollar bill come from?
    and one more consideration- was chauvin the arresting officer- the one who took him into custody? The arresting officer would have ultimate responsibility for the well being of the apprehended person. I think it was subsumed.
    there’s a real story there

  14. @TimBuktu
    He would be alive had he not been arrested in the first place.

    You don’t know that, he had Fentanal (sp?) in his system.

  15. Scientific American, Archaeology and other great magazines have all become Leftist worthless and ever misleading screed outlets…Diversity in Science replaced merit and intelligence, Alien may have built the pyramids , did Africa produce Greek thought, were Egyptians directed by Congo Shaman, NASA will be improved by spending most of its resources on Muslim outreach et al etc

  16. Maybe I missed it, but what happened between getting handcuffed and getting the knee on his neck, where’s that video? Not that it makes a difference on the bad cop thing. But this flying high six time felon was no saint. About to be a 7 Time felon but messed up one last time. They should have just fired the cop and buried the bad guy, would have been a lot easier and cheaper and save at least 17 lives already.
    Instead he’s going on a national funeral tour. Definitely high mileage on this guy, they keep carting him around to stoke the fires of hatred and political advantage they’re going to have to take him in for a maintenance warranty.

  17. Sorry – my give a fuck ran out.

    George is dead – get over it – move on.
    Chauvin will soon be dead – get over it – move on.

    A pox on BOTH their houses!

    An entire country – nay, a world – in spastic colon over this bullshit?
    Anyone who doesn’t see that this is orchestrated is either blind or a fool.
    Why would Europe give a damn what happened to George Floyd?
    They wouldn’t – a neither should we – the murderer didn’t get away with it.
    It would be “systemic racism” if the nation’s mayors and governors laughed and said: “What’cha gonna do about it?” But they didn’t. All the machinery of gov’t turned on at once and brought the murderer to face “justice” (a perverted form for sure, but “justice” nonetheless).

    An excuse to loot? That doesn’t take much. “Some People” are always looking for free shit. The lack of protection for the commercial enterprises screams volumes. The filthy, bloody fingerprints of nihilistic socialism are all over it.

    Ah, well.

    izlamo delenda est …

  18. @Janitor

    Your description of an incident to show “some cops are stupid” is unnecessary. We all know that. Some teachers are stupid and some politicians are stupid. We all know that. I don’t expect cops to exchange views on the “Critique of Pure Reason” or the Quantum Theory. In fact, I’d prefer they spend their time protecting the innocent.

    Having a few stupid cops on the force is better than having no cops at all.


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