Scientism: the Progressive religion

Patriot Retort:

I’ve been writing about those who have embraced the religion of Scientism for as long as I’ve been writing commentary and satire.

This religion of the Progressive movement has saints, sinners, believers and heretics.

It assigns to weather and climate almost god-like power which, if we do not follow the dogma of Scientism, will grow angry with us and unleash hurricanes, floods, droughts and famine.

As I said of the adherents of Scientism back in 2017:

In the Twenty-first Century – in an industrialized, advanced culture like our own – there are people who think if we do the tribal dance of increased taxation and reusable grocery bags we will calm the wrathful oceans.

You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting someone who declares as an article of faith “I believe in science.” MORE

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  1. Science is rotten to the core. And that is because scientists are rotten to the core.
    If the ‘scientific community’ stand up for complete bullshit like those imperial college models, then forget all about there just being a ‘few bad apples, but science itself is still good’. Science is ONLY as good as the scientists behind it. And we now know, without a shadow of a doubt, that the scientists in the scientific community are either bald faced liars, or they are spineless little cowards who are afraid to stand up to the bald faced liars.

    Science is a complete shitshow.

  2. XXX Oh Contraire!
    There is plenty of real science in
    secret labs and remote locations around the
    world.The powers to be NWO/Illuminati are working
    over time to invent/build the ULTIMATE beast system.
    They ain’t gona tell you or me what they really have…
    If there isn’t a cloned hybrid human walking
    around right now there will be one within 3 years…

  3. Unfortunately, what in most cases today is called “science” involves activities that have nothing to do with knowledge of and conscientious adherence to the scientific method. Actual scientific method science is the practice of trying to find out how the real world works, and is most definitely NOT the practice of collecting (or manufacturing) selected data specifically designed to support an a priori assertion.

  4. There’s science, and there’s junk science, and then there’s… Science!

    Because, Science!

  5. Did we give up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?
    We applied Science- used the power of the atom to teach them a lesson they will not soon forget.

    I rest my case.

  6. Always remember, follow the money.

    Where does most of the funding for “scientific research” come from?

    Can you say, “the federal government”? Can you say, “We’re sure you will come up with the “right conclusions””. Hint, hint, if you know what I mean…


    You mean that weirdo RELIGION who believe:

    ⏺ 100 billion years ago, matter “decided” (because it has a conscience) to consolidate into one central location causing a massive explosion?

    ⏺ Then for some reason or another, order came from chaos.

    ⏺ Some things cooled while other planets stayed hot liquid plasma for some unknown reason.

    ⏺ Then “nature” (Atheist placeholder for “God”) decided to string together complex DNA and form life.

    ⏺ “Nature” also decided winners and losers in the evolutionary battle.

    ⏺ They have their THEORIES.

    ⏺ They have their sacred books.

    ⏺ They have their dogma leaders.

    ⏺ They have villains and heroes, saints and sinners.

    ⏺ They have “FAITH” that they are right on the parts they aren’t sure about.

    ⏺ They even have Atheist gatherings to talk and be around like-minded people (also known as a Church).


    🔴 The earth is in perfect orbit around the sun, not too close, not too far away.
    🔴 The earth orbits in almost the exact speed around the sun to give balance between the seasons.
    🔴 The earth tilts evenly to give both hemispheres growing seasons.
    🔴 The earth has many natural recycling systems: water cycle, oxygen cycle.
    🔴 The SINGLE (luckily) moon is in perfect orbit. Too fast, causes tidal waves and dangerous wind speeds, too slow causes water stagnation.
    🔴 The earth also seems to be the only planet to prevent the sun’s radiation.
    🔴 The earth also has creatures that can repair itself over a period of 75 years or longer based on the chemical components the earth provides.
    🔴 The other beings with out eyes, ears, and other faculties seem to know that other creatures exist, produce color and fragrance, attracting them to help pollinate and carry their seeds away.

    ~All just trillions of daily accidents and coincidences of “nature!”

  8. Trofim Lysenko was the founder of Modern “Science.”
    He was followed by Heinrich Himmler and Aryan “Science.”

    These were the progenitors of Fauci-ism and Globaloney Warming “Science.”

    When government dictates the Ends of “Science” then science will find the Way to that End. It’s as simple as that. The Physics Dept. (of the Computer, Mathematics, and Physical Sciences College) was the second largest income producer for the University of Maryland (back in the 80s – second only to Football). Mostly due (I suspect) to connections with the NSA and other gov’t agencies. At any rate: BIG MONEY. Physicists are subject to the same temptations as the rest of us. More educated (or even smarter) doesn’t make one more moral.

    izlamo delenda est …


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