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Scientists Think They Know Why Octopi Moms Become Suicidal

Live Science

Many animal species die after they reproduce. But in octopus mothers, this decline is particularly alarming: In most species, as an octopus mother’s eggs get close to hatching, she stops eating. She then leaves her protective huddle over her brood and becomes bent on self-destruction. She might beat herself against a rock, tear at her own skin, even eat pieces of her own arms. 

Now, researchers have discovered the chemicals that seem to control this fatal frenzy. After an octopus lays eggs, she undergoes changes in the production and use of cholesterol in her body, which in turn increases her production of steroid hormones — a biochemical shift that will doom her. More

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  1. “My Octopus Teacher” is a wonderful Netflix 2020 documentary covering a developing relationship between a free diver and a wild octopus. Beautiful scenery in a kelp forest off the coast of South Africa. Netflix produces a lot of low brow content but I very much enjoyed this very special production by a small film crew

  2. as this was an MSN story, I’m surprised that this didn’t tie in w/ some sort of warning on why humans that identify as females should abort their hatchlings so as to not eat their own appendages off & bash their own heads into the sidewalks

    refreshing that there wasn’t a ‘message’

  3. Interesting that steroids cause destructive behavior in octopi and in humans when they take too many steroids.
    ‘Roid rage in multiple species.
    Quite a discovery.

  4. “Scientists Think They Know Why Octopi Moms Become Suicidal”
    All I know, they know shit.

  5. Since an octopus can change color, they are deemed “RACIST”. Therefore they die an early death. At least according to the “N****r in Chief” and followers.

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