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Scientists Are Thawing Out Ancient Zombie Viruses

– Hardly Anything Could Go Wrong With This Plan.

Sam Faddis

One of the many horrible aspects of our response to the COVID pandemic has been our failure to learn from our mistakes. From beginning to end we disregarded years of pandemic response planning, adopted mad Chinese Communist lockdown techniques, and placed our faith in unproven experimental vaccines. We failed at every step.

We should be rapidly assimilating the lessons learned and making sure we do not repeat them. We are not. If there is another pandemic tomorrow, we are disturbingly likely to do the same self-destructive things we did before.

In terms of lessons learned, the first should probably be the danger of playing God and engaging in gain-of-function research. Any reasonable, objective person – by this point –understands that COVID-19 is not a naturally occurring disease. It is the product of gain of function research into coronaviruses.

Chinese scientists played with that virus and altered it so that it could much more readily infect humans. Maybe they did that with noble intentions. Maybe they did it as part of a biological weapons program. Either way, with help from Dr. Fauci, they did it.

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  1. “could trigger next pandemic”
    About Jan. 2024, then ban all the cheap effective ways to treat it.
    Then get those truck loads of FAKE ballots printed, probably printing already.

  2. I swear these people watch tv shows and movies and think, hey! good idea!
    This reminds me of “Fortitude”.
    An Amazon original from a couple of yrs ago.

  3. “One of the many horrible aspects of our response to the COVID pandemic has been our failure to learn from our mistakes.”

    Assuming that “We” means our global Communist masters who started this in the first place, that is incorrect.

    They leared how it spreads, how it can be made worse, how they can scare people into harming themselves, their neighbors, their grandparents, even their own children FOR them, and how they have us so beaten down that we will not revolt even if it literally KILLS us.

    They learned a LOT.

    The NEXT virus will be FAR more lethal.

    The first one was the dry run.

    The next one WON’T be.

  4. I think back to the first time I gave blood after I was at Desert Storm. I was 2 pints shy of being a member of the 3 gallon club. Prior to going to the desert I got numerous shots including the Gamma-G which left a not the size of a golf ball in your ass cheek and the anthrax regimen. About a week after I gave blood I got a nasty-gram from the Red Cross telling me to never give blood again as there was an issue with my blood.

    With all the fools that got the Covid Vax and boosters it makes me question how safe is our nations blood supply?

  5. This is fine. What could go wrong? It’s not like anything has escaped containment befo… oh wait, never mind.

  6. what a bunch of mind control b*******.. How are these people supposed to know these are “zombie” viruses, or that theyre dangerous? did they supposedly find these in the permafrost in vials marked with dinosaur skull and crossbones or something? They couldn’t know anything about them.. Seems it’s all a made up mind control b******* story.

  7. And if you look real, real, real close
    You will see the exact same fixers fixing their fixes
    Right now
    Planting the Seeds
    Telling you it’s going to happen
    So when it happens again [STOP. ED NOTE . . .
    What is it referring to for clarity]
    And IT being the phoney mask up bullshit fear fud
    That we saw before
    All for more money for maskers but really in need
    Of a major distraction in this 2 year long run
    Of interminable Bullshit and Fuckery
    And Money Grubbers. Endless streams of Money Grubbing
    Monkey Fucking Repeat Injectors
    Pharma Conned Botoxed Pill Pushing Repeaters

    Meanwhile, They are telling you in advance
    So this Time be ready to tell them to Fuck Off
    With their Needles and Free Health Concerned Pill Billers

    PS: Another Connection Made

    Andrea Mitchell is to msNBC
    Dana Perino is to Fox

    Perino is not what it appears
    Never Forget
    Perino brought in Adam Kinzinger
    Way Back when aught 18 or so
    Remember, Capt Adam Handler
    And then in 2019 and beyond
    Perino brought in Chuckle Dummy the Prognostic
    Remember Chuckle Dummy? Guffaw Guffaw Oh Shucks
    And now Perino is bringing in Jimmy Failla?

    Dana Perino is not what you think.
    You are being tricked.
    She is their Anderea Mitchell Inside.
    Pharma Kinded.

    Pharma Kinded. Ha Ha. Get It?
    Perinos not what you think.

  8. “One of the many horrible aspects of our response to the COVID pandemic has been our failure to learn from our mistakes”

    Oh, they learned real good and will apply it often.

  9. I don’t think that John Q. Average totally understands the phrase, “gain of function” much less the definitions that are available.
    I think that if the media employed the expression “made more deadly” everyone would better understand what Dr. Fauci and his Chinese Communist buddies have done.

  10. I got it, they just want to stir up a bunch of stuff that will kill more people for our own good.
    Stupid and evil should only hurt the people that try it.

  11. AnonTrooper
    DECEMBER 5, 2022 AT 11:32 AM
    “This is fine. What could go wrong? It’s not like anything has escaped containment befo… oh wait, never mind.”

    Nothing escaped last time.

    It was deliberately unleashed on us.

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