Scientists Discover a Way To Convert AOC’s Brainless Rhetoric into Coal

An international team of scientists (Australia, China, Germany and the United States) have discovered a way to convert CO2 into coal, making CO2 a RENEWABLE ENERGY.

There goes Occasional Cortex’s narrative, up in smoke. (Don’t worry, we can convert the smoke back into coal.)

Turning CO2 into solid form is not a new technology, but historically it was an extremely expensive process. This team says they’ve cleared this hurdle and not only made it less expensive to convert, the resulting product is more versatile. It’s able to hold an electrical charge, making it material that can be used as a supercapacitor. Win/win.


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8 Comments on Scientists Discover a Way To Convert AOC’s Brainless Rhetoric into Coal

  1. Yeah and fussion is just ten years away.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  2. Unless it can be made using less overall net energy to produce it than mining it does then it isn’t going to be economically viable in the free market.

    It’s the same as shale oil not being economically viable to produce when petroleum prices are low, it won’t be able to compete with lower priced sources.

  3. This bullshit just lends credence to the fairy tale of man caused climate change.

    The moment I hear or read something about AGW, I tune out or turn the page.

  4. That’s great news! If it really works, we can reduce coal use and save nature!
    Recently I was writing research (you can check here about alternative sources of energy and ways of preserving natural resources… I am glad to read that scientists work on this problem and find new solutions!


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