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Scientists Discover Reason Behind The AstraZeneca Blood Clots


Scientists have identified a possible reason the AstraZeneca Plc Covid-19 vaccine may cause blood clots, after use of the shot was limited globally to prevent the rare side effect.

The preclinical research, conducted with Astra, found the interaction between the vaccine and a protein known as platelet factor 4 could be behind the cases of thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome, according to a study published Wednesday in the journal Science Advances by scientists from U.S. and U.K. universities, as well as Astra. The research is not definitive, the company said. More

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  1. “Scientists Discover Reason Behind The AstraZeneca Blood Clots”

    It’s because they want us dead, so they can bring in their already broken to Communism replacement population.

    The mechanism is unimportant.

    The fact that “your” government wants you dead is what you SHOULD focus on.

    Because they will take YOUR money, and try again…and again…and again…

  2. “…..rare side effect”
    Rare, my left testicle!
    This is why there are long term trials and tests before administering any medication to the general public.
    Now…….testing on Kongress Kritters is different. Use them all you want. Most people think of Kongress Kritters as lower lifeforms in Homo Sapiens form, so no loss if one(or more) are killed or injured from unknown side effects.

  3. Shouldn’t you check that out BEFORE you go around jabbing people?
    I’m not an expert, of course, but it seems prudent.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  4. These “vaccines” are experimental drugs and we are the research.

    I’ll stay in the control group that remains unvaxxed.

  5. Dear Abbey, my friend is dead. She had Covid she caught along with half my son’s teams parents at a volleyball tournament in November of 2020. The other half of us had already had it. We did not get it again. She died suddenly one morning this past August just after receiving her second Covid shot as highly recommended(required) by her job as preschool teacher. She left behind her husband of 25 years and their 4 children aged 10-18. My daughter’s friend from high school is dead at 22. She died suddenly this past October after being required by her college to get the shot to play basketball. I just this morning read of another highschool student in the town over who died unexpectedly a few days ago. rumor has it well, you know. My father at 82 just has his hip replaced because of arthritis so bad it was the only choice. Arthritis that he never had not even a little prior to his february shot. His doctor who advised my mother get a booster to join him in the hospital said it was merely a coincidence as are all these vaccine reported injuries. Most of the people I know who have had the COVID shot are sick with “really bad colds” all the time now, even over the summer. I haven’t caught any of them.

    I am really angry and I don’t know what to do.

  6. @Christy944
    options –
    1: purchase some tar and very inexpensive feather pillows
    2: purchase 2x4s and ask a carpentry friend to build stocks
    3: purchase a side by side 12 gauge 3″ and some #3 buck

  7. When your body produces a shitload of antibodies with nothing to attack where do they go? They build up and cause clots. Duh.


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