Scientists In Need Of Some Ideas


April 22nd this year isn’t just Earth Day, its also when our betters are going to have their March for Science.  The army of eggheads who are set to descend upon Washington this weekend need our help to come up with some catchy phrases for their protest signs. What they’ve come up with on their own really seem lame.

The whole point of the exercise is to protect the continued funding of questionable research designed to promote the left’s political agenda.

The Washington Times has a nice column on the corrosive effect this grubbing for government dollars has had on the quality of inquiry being produced by academia today Here

28 Comments on Scientists In Need Of Some Ideas

  1. Thanks for reminding me to drain the brakes, radiator, oil into the sewer, evac the A/C with a screwdriver, and light the used spare tire on fire.

  2. I’m going shooting on Saturday just to return some lead into the environment. Maybe I will burn some trees in the fire pit that evening.

  3. Without funding, we may never know the effects of toad licking, on Australian, trans gender, aboriginal male prostitutes with swollen prostates. The world demands answers.

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