Scientists say life was wiped out by climate change 252 million years ago

Look at UPI’s stupid post title and the use of the word “also.”

Climate change also wiped out life on Earth 252 million years ago

What do they mean by also? Are they saying we’re going to be wiped out “also”?

You know, if only those damn reptiles and amphibians listened to the scientists 252 million years ago. But no. They laughed while they barbecued, drove their fancy cars, heated their homes with fossil(???) fuels and spewed carbon from their manufacturing smokestacks.

We can learn from their folly and return to carbon levels before the industrial age, 252 million years ago, and avoid being wiped out by our own greed and avarice.


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  1. It’s a depressing thought that your life is constantly being manipulated and controlled by blithering idiots.

  2. Scientists and hookers……the only difference is what they do for the money, which on closer examination really only differs in the location in which they ply their particular talent.

  3. …but you used a current picture of Michelle Obama on the thumbnail for the story on the main page.


  4. Vulcanism driven climate change is second place compared to supernovas and solar flare damage to the biosphere.
    The stupid.
    it burns

  5. I read an article yesterday (don’t remember where) where a woman expert said that claims of sea level rising were a bunch of hooey. She debunked the hole scam. Where’s the media coverage of her?

  6. “Scientists and hookers……the only difference is what they do for the money, which on closer examination really only differs in the location in which they ply their particular talent.”

    …there is another difference, @govlawyer…

    …hookers only infect their clients one at a time…

    …bad science can infect the entire world at once…

    …and the results of bad science are FAR more deadly to a MUCH larger group of people…

  7. @govlawyer – There is a vast difference in what the scientist provides as compared to the hooker. The scientist provides no enjoyment in their delivered service and the hooker offers the opposite.

  8. @Jack Duggan, you are correct to a point, but I would argue that Democrats get a HUGE amount of pleasure when scientists help THEM screw US…

  9. Apart from the goofy headline, there’s little in the article to quibble with. Climate changes due to natural processes. Climate affects life. What’s to disagree with?

  10. There is a huge amount of deception in this rather schizoid article “Sea Level Rising”. The article is not dated but there are indicators that it was published in 2016

    From the article: Although the sea has only risen by 14 inches since 1950, its speed of rise has accelerated over the last ten years and it’s now rising by one inch every 4 years.1 We know this because the sea level is measured every 6 minutes.4 Scientists use different equipment like satellites, floating buoys off the coast, and tidal gauges to accurately measure the local sea level as it accelerates and changes.

    The next paragraph:

    While there are four causes of sea level rise in Virginia, land sinkage is the main contributor.5 Because the land is getting 1 inch lower every 10 years,6 Virginia is particularly vulnerable to an increased rate of sea level rise in the future. Click here to learn more about these causes.

    If the sea rose 14 inches from 1950 to 2016, then it takes 4.71 years, on average, for a 1” increase in sea level – my calculation. But they say the rate of sea level rise has increased to where a 1” increase takes only 4 years. Big whoop, 4.71 to 4.0 years. They have another graph that shows a rise of 6” between 1990 and 2016 where it takes 4.33 years for a 1” increase. Their arithmetic is all over the place. By their own analysis, between 2 and 3 of the 6 inches “increase” is caused by land subsiding. They predict another 6” “increase” over the 13 years from 2017-2030.

    Maybe global warming is the cause of some of the increase, but it’s no proof of man-made GW, either.

    File this under “Junk Science”.

  11. They used to call the extinction event of 250 million years ago “the big stink” as it was caused by volcanism and a huge methane release.

    Nowadays, we have a big stink on earth of a different kind, particularly in our cities.

    By the way, most evidence I’ve read has the average CO2 level considerably higher than the modern era. CO2 always rises after the temperature rises as an ice age ends. The current ice age is still ending. Literally: no worries.

  12. This is GREAT NEWS! If it’s happened before,

    then there is absolutely NO REASON FOR ANY CARBON TAX

    nor tribute payments to all those shysters with their hands out.

  13. A series of volcanic eruptions set off… global warming? Not an accluded sky and an ice age? Or some combination thereof? And it wasn’t a meteor? And it all happened… suddenly?

    Oh. Please.

    More likely we’ll have massive devastation from an EMP attack. Or nuclear terrorists. Or an antibiotic-resistant disease epidemic. Or something else. Maybe overpopulation hysteria could come back into vogue. (I liked that one.) Or another world war, a real one this time, because it sure looks like a whole lotta people are on the edge of psychosis…

    Be this as it may, I’m pretty sure each one of us is going to die one day. Everyone does. Philosophically, I’ve never been able to figure out how or why it matters if we all kinda go at once… because, you know, without exception, the nightmarish sci-fi scenarios are about when it’s not “everyone”.

  14. Jimmy December 14, 2018 at 3:04 pm

    Jimmy, I just read that over on American Thinker, about the high temperatures driving CO2 levels, not CO2 driving higher temperatures.

  15. Tim – yeah, for years everyone thought it was C02 that drove up temperature after an ice age. But what really happens is the ice age reduces decomposition (production of CO2) by a huge amount as the continents freeze up. The tropics start consuming the CO2 that’s left and it drops precipitously as the ice age progresses. At the end of the age, the CO2 is at is cyclical minimum and the very lower troposphere doesn’t even get the benefit of its slight warming from it. CO2 is a weak greenhouse gas, BTW. Anyway, as the sun (or whatever) causes the end of the ice age, warming causes decomposition to increase gradually. There’s about a 700 year phase difference between the two. Before the next ice age begins, the records show huge spikes (jumps) in global temperature, presumably due to melting of permafrost and a huge release of CO2 and methane. One other note, some climatologists peg the historical average CO2 level at somewhere between 500 and 1000. At the end of the last ice age, we were in the mid 200’s somewhere.

  16. It’ true – as I was dodging sniper fire from T. Rex and his associated stooges, I could see the Velociraptors dying by the thousands – in utter torment – gasping for breath while cursing their little cars.

    The sky was a dark, smoky, red-tinged, hateful, hardly breathable mass of smog and Brontosaur farts.


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