Scientists Speculate Why Humans Mate In Private

The research conducting the study of human mating habits found only one other animal that prefers to procreate in private, Arabian babblers (its a bird). Yitzchak Ben Mocha reviewed over 4,000 “cultural studies” and found the need for a little privacy was a universal trait across all the societies examined.

Ben Mocha’s conclusion about why has a distinctively dry academic reasoning. Here

You may read the study for yourself Here

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  1. “Scientists Speculate Why Humans Mate In Private”

    …so their wives won’t catch ’em…

    …oh, wait, you said “humans”, not “politicians”, never mind…

  2. But did they conduct a ‘falsifiable experiment?’


    Then it’s not science!! Dammit Jim! I’m a doctor not a sex therapist!

  3. “Scientists Speculate Why Humans Mate In Private”

    …’cause they’re not very good at it?

  4. Maybe because, since Adam and Eve fell into sin, most rational humans have had a sense of “shame” about being naked in front of other people and have developed a sense of decorum when it comes to sexuality.

    But the culture is changing…..

  5. Almost took the bait. Nope. Not commenting.
    But a female coworker whipped out a supersized bottle of hand lotion and a box of tissues on Wednesday.

    I think she was up to no good and I wisely fled.

    Or missed an opportunity. Not sure.

  6. Because I live in Canada and I don’t want Not My Prime Minister and his kind to mount me while I’m getting bust with a Female.

  7. I’ve seen many domestic and wild animals procreate when they randomly do it. It’s quick and dirty. There is no passion. It isn’t appealing in any way.
    The purpose of humans doing it in private that it IS a private matter. Anybody who feals they want to show off has a screw loose.

  8. IMO, the Cave men found they were vulnerable when, um, busy doing something.
    Maybe the curious scientists can explain why humans mate at any time, unlike other mammals that only mate when the female is ready to conceive.

  9. Great. The moment scientists begin speculating on things like this societal change usually isn’t far behind. Sex in public will become an acceptable thing in 5-10 years.

  10. Because it’s way better inside. Nobody likes mosquito bites all over their ass or a curious dog showing up at the wrong time.

  11. …because she’s not as pretty as you thought she was when you were drunk, and you’ll never hear the END of it if everyone SEES her “with” you because you lose your deniability…

  12. From the study:

    “….he believes that the reason humans (and babblers) began looking for privacy during sex was because the male wanted to prevent other males from seeing his female partner in a state of arousal. Such a state, he suggests, would likely have encouraged other males to attempt to mate with her. Thus, privacy, or perhaps more accurately, seclusion, allowed the male to maintain control over a sexual partner—while also allowing for continued cooperation within a group….”

    They needed a “study” for this?

  13. ’cause they are tired of ‘scientists’ trying to peek in the window

    …. jeez … ‘effin’ pervs

  14. I have two hypotheses that Mr. Yitz might find interesting enough to do a study on:

    Hypo #1: Pizza delivery orders increase substantially after sexual intercourse.

    Hypo #2: If not engaged in ordering or eating pizza after sexual intercourse, human males all fall asleep within 5 minutes of finishing their duties as sperm vendors.


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