Score Another One for the Tin Foil Hats

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  1. Then they know my mothers been held captive not being able to see her siblings, children, grand and great grand children for 2 years come February. Lousy, rotten no good bastards!

  2. My tinfoil hat has dozens of ‘atta-boy’ stickers on it for being right all these years (you know, like the Ohio State football team with stickers all over their helmets for being good boys). These days, I’m down right psychic, too. My latest psychic revelation is: “Canada, you’re fucked.”

  3. Want to borrow Our Constitution and Bill of Rights, eh?

    Apparently, it’s not much use to some lazy politicians who have never known about, or read, or understood them, eh?

    We stay together.

  4. “…and everyone laughs at my flip phone.”

    I believe you are referring to flip phones that connect to cell towers and provides location data, same as any other mobile phone.

  5. KCIR, me too! My friends and colleagues are continually mocking me for using a device that does everything I want it to do, and nothing I don’t want it to do!

  6. What used to be thought of as Tin Foil Hat territory oftentimes now is reality.

    When I first saw the Birch Society “Get the US out of the UN” signs back in the mid-1970s I thought, what a bunch of crazies. I started to wise up a decade or two later. The UN is a center and a hotbed of climate and pandemic mis-information – an organization run by gangsters and despots. I rue the day we first got involved in it.

  7. @Kcir,

    The flip phone was a good idea and I think it’s coming back. When I first got my iPhone, I made so many inadvertent calls it got embarrassing. I’d put the thing in my pocket while forgetting to turn it off. It would rub against something, or something would rub against it (!!!) and the damned thing would call someone because the last phone number was still showing on the screen. I hated that part of the iPhone “experience”.

  8. I got you all beat.
    My phone doesn’t even bend in the middle.
    Even my Amish friends laugh when I pull it out.


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