Scotland Plays Funny Game With Their Covid Numbers

I always want to double check claims made on the internet, particularly tweets.

This one seemed like one I should check out.

I was dismayed to read this from the Scottish Public Health department-

Fully Vaccinated account for 9 in every 10 Covid-19 Deaths since August according to latest Official Data

I thought to myself, “you can’t trust anything someone says on the Twitter.”

But something told me not to give up on digging.

And I found this–>

When I looked I saw that there were more cases of people with Covid that were vaccinated than not. This flew in the face of their headline.

I couldn’t figure out what was going on.

But the blurb under the chart tells you what they are doing.

They are separating the population into vaxxed and unvaxxed, instead of the total population, and prorated it to make it seem like more unvaxxed are getting ill. Since the unvaxxed is a smaller demographic than the vaxxed, they are saying that the picture for the unvaxxed is much more dire, rather than focusing on the amount of vaxxed that are getting ill.

Kinda misleading. Maybe not, I dunno. What do you think?

8 Comments on Scotland Plays Funny Game With Their Covid Numbers

  1. I am fine with the ratio of unjabbed getting covid divided by unjabbed, compared to same for jabbed. And likewise for hospitalizations and deaths. It gives a better picture of the impact the jab has (although it needs to include age groups and general health prior to infection). But if 86% of deaths are from jabbed, and only around 65-70% of people are jabbed, doesn’t that cast getting the jab in a negative light???
    Jab jab jab

  2. like Ive said before:
    they have killed the science of epidemiology, and now they are practicing necromancy with the corpse

  3. I want to see the number of unvaxed that are dying from covid vs. the number of vaxed that are dying from the vax.

  4. increasingly misleading when they are only counting two or more jabs as “vaxxed” according to the footnote.


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