Scott Pelley and CBS News Calls Congressional Shooting “Self-Inflicted”

Pelley, weirdly, goes on to say that a tweet by Trump, which calls the media the enemy of the American people, contributes to the violence.

He then calls for everyone to stop and think before they post something stupid on social media.

Okay, I’m stopping and thinking. I’ve thought about it.

Scott Pelley, you are an arsehole, a hack doing his best to mitigate leftist violence who has somehow managed to avoid talking about the PLAY IN NEW YORK THAT DEPICTS TRUMP BEING KNIFED TO DEATH!!!!!!

The media is the enemy of the American people.

20 Comments on Scott Pelley and CBS News Calls Congressional Shooting “Self-Inflicted”

  1. Oh BFH–I can’t even anymore. I just feel like I am living in a different universe than these bozos. Thank heavens for IOTW and reading comments and realizing I am not crazy.

  2. The Scott Pelley smarmy, preachy delivery is enough to sicken a junkyard goat. Didn’t I read that Mr. Pelley had been demoted to some other program that needs more babbling verbosity?

  3. He then calls for everyone to stop and think before they post something stupid on social media.

    I’d be satisfied if those stupid main stream media folks would think about the US, not their back pocket and their divisive and destructive socialist agenda.

  4. To the extent that elected Republicans downplayed increasing leftist violence, failed to investigate or speak out against egregious civil rights violations by leftists, and basically ignored victims of leftist violence, the shooting was “self inflicted”. As a group, they failed to see the threat to themselves, because it was the little people who were getting brutally mauled, not them. It was Trump getting beheaded, not them. Now, one of their own is paying the price for their collective ignorance and cowardice. Let’s hope that Scalise recovers fully, and that his @taking one for the team” finally gets their heads straight on where we all are now.

  5. Thirdtwin you are spot on. This was all spurred on by the media pushing trayvon martin, mike brown, blm, ferguson, baltimore, the black pres and the spineless congress let it all happen. They don’t give a damn about us.
    If only more of their policies would bite them in the ass (immigration) maybe this country would recover. (I shouldn’t have to say this but; This is not a call to violence.)

  6. A couple of years ago I started writing a novel, sort of a Mr. Smith Goes to Washington/1984/Atlas Shrugged endeavor. After writing the first chapter, I gave up, because I knew there was no fiction I could produce that could match the insane fact that is the reality we find ourselves in.

  7. Hay Scott Putrid: If you ever catch your we-we in your zipper, that is self inflicted.
    Suicide is self inflicted, you get paid to display your ignorance to your ignorant audience.

  8. The best of MSM talking heads prove brains, intelligence and common sense are not a resume requirement.


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