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Scott Walker Tweets Hillary

ABW: He may not have attracted a ton of attention in the first GOP debate, but Governor Scott Walker sure packs a mean tweet, as we’ve seen before.

And now again, as phony Hillary Clinton, attempting to portray herself as a “woman of the people” stepped in it — yet again — on Twitter, Governor Walker stepped right in with the following slam dunk:

scott walker hillary tweets


SNIP:  Ouch! Now, this is good. The question is, will he say it to her face when/if the time comes?

10 Comments on Scott Walker Tweets Hillary

  1. It was a good shot…His numbers have gone up since.
    Don’t count him out yet….This next debate is a golden opportunity for him.

  2. Walker is right. Clinton should check out my union, which extracts more than $600 yearly from my paycheck, in exchange for bupkis. No contract since April 2011. No raise for me since April 2013 (I was entitled to three more yearly step increases under the terms of the old contract when it expired.) We’re being offered a new contract granting us 4% over the 2011-2016 five year period–during which time my court’s caseload has increased by 14%. I know my union is going to vote it down, so then we’ll be tied up in binding arbitration for God knows how long. This is “keeping families strong?” Oh, ha ha, I forgot that without having raised the next generation of slackers, I don’t count.

    I would love to able able to negotiate my own contract with my employer, but I can’t. I find the idea of a union – free workplace very enticing.

  3. It’s about time somebody else engaged instead of resting on his laurels. If he or Cruz came out with a fire in his belly to stop the invasion the poll numbers will flip.

  4. What I would really like to see is for someone to call the bluff on this leftist term ‘working families’ by having someone like Hillary explain what she means when she uses it. The majority of ‘working families’ most likely derive their income from a non-unionized source.

  5. The mere term “working families” makes my hair stand on end. I don’t HAVE “family.” I live alone, and my next of kin is my 85 – year-old Aunt Ruthie in Florida. Geographically speaking, I have four first cousins in the New York metro area, none in Westchester County.

    So what am I – chopped liver? I work and pay taxes too. The concern should be over “workers;” who cares if they have family or not?

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