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SCOTUS Adds MD Redistricting Complaint to Gerrymandering Case

Western Maryland is more like West Virginia. While it’s rural and less populated than down state region, it use to be solidly republican. That was until democrats redistricted it to place heavily liberal part of the state into the 6th district and dilute away the majority Conservative stronghold.

The Supreme Court has agreed to include the challenge of Maryland’s redistricting to the gerrymandering case from Wisconsin, Gill v. Witford, where a computer program systematically redrew districts to ensure control of state government for Republicans.


It looks to me like SCOTUS is getting ready to throw out redistricting by political affiliation.

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  1. I live on the border of this area and I can say as a general rule folks grumble about non-representation in Government in Annapolis. On the PA side we haven’t voted for a democrat office holder higher than state rep for as long as I have been voting (45 years). The MD side loved Rep. Roscoe Bartlett before redistricting voted him out – that’s why it happened here.

    Frederick and Montgomery Counties (South and East) are creeping Dhimocrat areas that bring a lot of that Kalifornication to the area.

    In Pa 95% of the state land mass is GOP while cities (Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, etc.) vote 110% Democrat (early and often).

  2. There was a former African American Army Lt. Colonel in Florida who was gerrymandered and district lines were completely redrawn by Debbie Wasserman Schultz to guarantee his loss in the election.

  3. I know that area very well. I grew up there. Far western Montgomery County is still very rural, with a lot of farmland. I drove through there right before the 2016 election and there were Trump signs everywhere, with an occasional Hitlery and Bernie sign in hippy onclaves. They were cheated in 2010. Same with Frederick County.

  4. See those blue specs in the red areas?
    They are the cities of Frederick, Hagerstown and Cumberland. All loaded with parasitic democrat plantation voters.

  5. I don mind if democrats wall themselves up in their own voting enclaves. I take exception to them spreading their brain dead hand out voters into solid red districts to dilute the vote of most residents.

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