SCOTUS handed down one of the most dangerous rulings against 2ND Amendment & the gun industry

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  1. Thank you, Proper Gander. The decision (or rather, refusal to take the case on cert) may be disappointing, but the hysterics are unwarranted.

  2. The whole US government is not functioning as the Constitutional Republic originally founded and established. Military veterans that have fought, been maimed, and have died to protect the USA from being invaded by foreign enemies have not been able to defend and protect Americans from the internal domestic enemies subverting this country into a destroyed Republic. The Communist takeover has been insidious but consistent through decades of power players placed effectively in every niche of American life. The moral strength of this country has been sapped by the blatant perversity and hedonism pushed by the media, entertainment, education, and government programs. At this point in time, each American will have to choose whom to serve, and how, because it will be difficult to find and be united in moral unity with Americans of like mind.

  3. Merely a fundraising opportunity for the NRA, GOAL, et al. Relax; for the worst case scenario come to pass (it can’t…it’s unconstitutional) means that automobile manufacturers could be held accountable for the products they manufacture that have caused death/bodily injury when used as designed, absent mechanical faults or ETOH. Not going to happen.

  4. Just give us all your guns now before I elect heroes to come take them from you. You don’t NEED them.

  5. The last American manufacturer of gasoline cans lost the suits against the company when a smoker opened his trunk on a hot day with his can of gas missing a top…these suits, ie small plane manufacturers win and for major dollars…gun manufacturers are history in America…soon.
    No company insurance available because of the risks..

  6. I couldn’t watch the video, but previous articles I’ve read failed to tell how the justices voted. And how did Ruth vote since she has been out with a “bug”?

  7. Beachmom NOVEMBER 15, 2019 AT 6:52 AM
    I’m no liar / lawyer and I didn’t say at a Holiday Inn Express last night but…

    There’s already statute on the books that says they can’t and it is being ignored. The first minute of the video says it all (didn’t watch the whole thing). This one has been in play and kicked around for at least the last three days and that also gives ideas to others to start suit.

    Until there’s a way to bring counter suit that destroys and bankrupts those that bring these suits it will continue. That or the statute already passed must be respected and I believe that dates from 2005.

    “Handing Down” a ruling is misleading in that they refused to hear the case and kicked back to Conn. So after it is litigated there it will probably then be appealed and heard by the “Supremes.”

  8. When the degenerate in the White House nominated the liberal for Chief Justice I said it was a dark day for Americans and America. Roberts has made me look clairvoyant the last 12 years. He only was not a far left Judge the year after Gorsuch joined. But the last 2 years he is just as liberal as the man noinating him is!

  9. Federal law protects gun manufacturers from Exactly these types of lawsuits. The state of Connecticut has a “consumer protection” advertising law that is being used by the plaintiffs. What excuse did SCOTUS use to violate the supremacy clause?

  10. No decision is a decision…

    Just more proof (like we needed it) that the gang of nine is a tyrannical bunch of nincompoops. I place no more weight on what the SCOTUS says than I do in what my dog says. In fact, I listen more to my dog (i.e. let me out).

    SCOTUS has made themselves irrelevant. They will be one of the first targets for elimination/reorganization in the new government. Sotomayor really gave it away when she said that they had to ‘think of the effects on peoples lives’ regarding DACA before they made a ruling. EXACTLY WRONG! SCOTUS is not a social engineering agency…yet that is precisely what it has become.

    I’ve read/heard quotes that say 85-90% of the ‘laws’ are unconstitutional. When you actually look at what is authorized by the Constitution, then look at what the Fed has become, it’s easy to see why. States fare no better.

    The big question is: When will “We the People” get fed up?

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