“Scream if you need help”

DJT jr Instagram picture.

ht/ bad brad

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  1. Maybe joey needs to be permanently tagged with a life alert button just in case he gets lost or falls down in his own basement. And a GPS so he knows where he’s at when they let him out of confinement to his basement.

  2. Creepy Joe: After I’m elected President I will earmark billions for our elderly citizens who have these, uh…I think memory problems. That condition is called….uh..um…hmm…something like Alt-Peoples’ Disease…uh…um…something…like senile disfunction, yeah, senile alt-control-zeimers disfunction condition and there are little blue pills for them…finally those guys will be able to stand up straight and be proud instead of just flopping over and going to sleep.

  3. ^ “alt-control-zeimers disfunction condition”


    He needs an alt-control-delete reboot shutdown.

    (🐶🐴🚶 -dog-faced pony soldier)

  4. Pedo Joe is there for ‘The Children of the Corn’. He heard there was gonna be kids to sniff and grope.


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