Screaming Pain and Vomit

Pot promoters continually stress the positive while making it seem that there are relatively no awful side effects of heavy marijuana use. Well, there is. The medical term for the effect is  cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome, also known as “scromit,” a combination of screaming pain and vomiting.

Tucker Carlson discussed the syndrome, and how to treat it, with Dr. Marc Siegel last night. Watch

More on the condition Here



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  1. OGrowing up in the 70’s I smoked pot. Gave it up mostly for job security. Couple of years ago at a party I smoked some as I had retired and now work for self. Holy crap! The stuff they have now is potent as hell. If that stuff was around in the 70’s I’d still be in high school. Probably Special Ed.

  2. Oy, sounds like an allergic reaction to cannabinoids.
    Just say you can get a raging allergic reaction, rather than an anecdotal spiel.
    Any powerful drug should be approached cautiously or not at all.
    Same with Tequila

  3. It’s amazing Libtards hate tobacco so much but love weed. If you purchase a tobacco product over the counter odds are they have at least washed the pesticides off the leaves before it’s been processed. Weeds also, on average, 25 time more powerful than it was when we were kids.
    I got to say though, those CBD oils are the shit for pain.

  4. I’ve been taking a CBD capsule (0 THC content) for a few weeks. I didn’t take it as a sleep aid but I sleep pretty damn good on that. Beats me if there is a connection but it’s worth considering.

  5. Are “the shit” or just shit? We’ve had shops setup on every corner over the last year.

    Does it really work?

  6. Cliche Guevara

    It works, and there’s no THC in it. Doctors have their hands tied prescribing any type of Opioid based pain killer. Most are prescribing a CBD of some sort. The sub linguals are good. And the creams are very fast acting. I use the creams for knee pain before lifting.

    This seems the place to get the best stuff man.

  7. “It’s amazing Libtards hate tobacco so much but love weed.”

    Right? I’m still waiting for the anti-weed ads that show diseased lungs, low birth weight, bad teeth and lifeless dicks.

  8. As a long term reader and new commenter—as well as sufferer of scleroderma— an autoimmune disease the BFH team is well acquainted with—CBD tincture and just the smallest dose of RSO has made my life almost ‘normal’. Give Cryin’ Boehner a break on this topic, y’all. My New Year’s phrase : Sufferering is waaaay overrated. being stuck in the crosshairs of the conundrum – the advance of the disease or the side effect of the ONLY med available——means endless suffering……plus enduring the destructive consequences of Cuktural Marxist do- gooderism.

  9. Recreational marijuana users have been screaming for the legal use of it for years. BUT have been the reason people who really need it for legit medical purposes weren’t able to get it legally either. What is not readily known is that today’s variety of marijuana has been botanically refined to be “more effective,” thus possibly causing those undesirable side effects that didn’t used to occur– screaming pain and vomiting. Symptoms which seem similar to the beginning of a difficult pregnancy morning sickness. However, whatever can be made a more desirable effective drug for users to buy, the drug mafias will always provide to enlarge their profitable criminal empires. Especially if it has become legal.

  10. i quit smoking when they legalized it.
    that took all the fun out of smoking it.
    now i watch all the stoned idiots drive their cars and stuff into each other and houses

  11. pot and cbd oil is great for pain. Anyone who objects to someone taking this for pain is an ass. I’ve gone through more pain than most in the last 8 years and pot was the only thing that save me from a life of misery.

    And as a side note, dont make your own rick simpson cbd oil and accidentally take too much. You wont die, but you will wish you did.

  12. Hate to break it to you, BB, but CBD is a placebo, at best.

    “They’ve told you marijuana has many different medical uses. In reality marijuana and THC, its active ingredient, have been shown to work only in a few narrow conditions. They are most commonly prescribed for pain relief. But they are rarely tested against other pain relief drugs like ibuprofen—and in July, a large four-year study of patients with chronic pain in Australia showed cannabis use was associated with greater pain over time.

    They’ve told you cannabis can stem opioid use—“Two new studies show how marijuana can help fight the opioid epidemic,” according to Wonkblog, a Washington Post website, in April 2018— and that marijuana’s effects as a painkiller make it a potential substitute for opiates. In reality, like alcohol, marijuana is too weak as a painkiller to work for most people who truly need opiates, such as terminal cancer patients. Even cannabis advocates, like Rob Kampia, the co-founder of the Marijuana Policy Project, acknowledge that they have always viewed medical marijuana laws primarily as a way to protect recreational users.”

    Imprimus 1/19:

  13. “Hate to break it to you, BB, but CBD is a placebo, at best.”

    AA, I poo poo that research. There are other things in that weed other than THC. From my own personal experience it works. Everyone I know that’s tried it say it works. My 92 year old mother in law is experiencing some severe pain in her knees. Well her MD recommend she try it as he was no longer allowed to prescribe her Norco. It works. Probably not as good as the Norco. I’m a firm believer and honestly I don’t think I’ve run into one person that has said it didn’t work for them.

  14. My question is, how MUCH herb does one have to smoke daily to get to this point!?

    I have NEVER heard of this crap, but then again I am no long haired miscreant millenial, or other, smoking out of a BONG wasting the day away.

    Too much money, too much time.

    “I’m a joker…
    I’m a smoker…
    I’m a mid-night toker…”

    Did that doc mention lunch at the end?

  15. Anon…

    I had good experiences with it a first…I used to mostly sit, or lay there and let the weed induced thoughts take me way out there…then a year or two later, I started getting those paranoid thoughts…made me give it up…it was no longer fun…the people I hung around with said, it’s not the pot, its something wrong in your head, man.

    Now, I think it was God’s doing…taking me away from that evil stuff.

    The “Weed with Roots in Hell” may be a very apt description.

  16. I knew a dude that drove in from Kenosha WI to north shore of Shitcago every day at 5am. It was a 1-1/2 hour drive and he burned at least 3 joints on the way and got at least a half dozen of us high before the 7am start. He looked like an aids victim, but never once complained about pain or vomiting.. he was the most intense marijuana smoker I’ve ever known. Laid back, cool, calm, collective; a regular real life Snoop Dogg except white and hated rap.

  17. Oh, right. I was a hippie. For years I never heard of this crap. So, you need to scream and puke but it doesn’t happen until you take a shower??? What is this crap? Tucker, what are you doing? This is the first time you have gone off into lala land.

  18. California will now require labels on all marijuana products: “This product contains substances known to the State of California to cause screaming pain and vomiting.”


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